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Artist Stephen Holding paints a mural for recent World of Watson event.

Artist Stephen Holding paints a mural for recent World of Watson event.

By Ying Li

In the same way ingredients connote flavors, colors and images can indicate moods and send messages.

This concept is driving new research here at IBM to better understand color relationships and their potential impact on everything from product design to classroom layouts.

Machines have been able to render different colors since the first color monitors. With a mix of code numbers for red, green, and blue, a computer knows that “0, 0, 0” equals black, that “255, 255, 0” is yellow, and so on. Other codes represent hue, saturation, and brightness of a color as well. Continue Reading »

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SP NJ Roads


By Pam Nesbitt

More than two million vehicles travel the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway on a typical day – making them among the busiest highways in the nation. Add rain, ice, snow, and, of course, accidents, to the mix, and dramatically heighten the risk for delays and driver frustration.

That’s why the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) recently made a sharp turn toward smart technologies to help manage its major toll roads. NJTA, IBM and other technology partners have developed new capabilities with the goal of improving the motoring experience and making these two highways safer. Continue Reading »

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Selfie: Angel and IBMers

Angel Diaz, IBM Vice President, Cloud Technology & Architecture, with other young IBMers.

By Angel Diaz

When I was a young guy growing up on a farm in Puerto Rico, I was a neophyte when it came to computer science and mathematics.  I was so fortunate at an early age to be empowered by my mother to reach further. At 17, I left for college in America.

Back then, people growing up in less-developed places didn’t have much chance of succeeding in technology unless we left home and headed for major tech meccas such as Silicon Valley, New York and Boston.

But things are different today, thanks in part to cloud computing. This new approach to technology creates tremendous opportunities for young people everywhere to build services and mobile apps on ready-made cloud platforms–either as entrepreneurs or as employees of larger companies. Continue Reading »

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Social sharing, mobile computing and the Internet of Things have made data compression a part of our every day lives. The process of compressing data is put to work every time a photo or video is shared across social media or a weather sensor reports a temperature change. Continue Reading »

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Stephen Garten, CEO, Charity Charge

Stephen Garten, CEO, Charity Charge

Scott Jacobs, COO, Charity Charge

Scott Jacobs, COO, Charity Charge

By Stephen Garten and Scott Jacobs

Consumer consciousness is shifting and the line between charitable giving and consumption has begun to blur.

The shift began with cause-themed goods (think pink breast cancer awareness products), followed by a sharp rise in the popularity of one-for-one and social impact wares (i.e., TOMs slippers and Warby Parker glasses).

SP newwaytostartup1Campaigns like these have been successful because they make it easy for consumers to tap into their inherent philanthropic nature. The simplicity with which people can make an impact is revolutionary. Continue Reading »

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SP Lenninger Continental_1

Ralf Lenninger, Head of Innovation and Strategy, Continental’s Interior Division.

Even with the popularity of crowd-sourced traffic apps, motorists know precious little about their everyday commute.

The lack of information about roadway and weather conditions is more than annoying, in some cases it’s killing us. In analyzing more than 2 million automotive accidents in the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that a
whopping 94% of the crashes were traced to driver issues (error in judgment, driver distraction, poor attention, inadequate surveillance). The World Health Organization (WHO) says 1.24 million people die every year in traffic accidents.

International automotive supplier Continental, has ambitious plans to lower that number to zero, using Big Data, cloud and IBM Watson. And it all starts with the introduction of the semi-automated vehicle next year, being jointly developed by Continental and IBM. Continue Reading »

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Jo Kendrick, Director of Marketing, Homebase

Jo Kenrick, Director of Marketing, Homebase

By Jo Kenrick

In the classic film Field of Dreams, a strange voice in a cornfield whispers to an Iowa farmer: “If you build it, he will come.”

That’s pretty much all the prodding that Ray Kinsella needed to rush down to his local DIY store, pick up some supplies and erect an entire baseball field all by himself.

Now fast forward 25 years and change the setting to the UK, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that voice instead advised: “If you build it, hire a professional.”

As one of the leading home and garden retailers in the UK, we’ve carefully monitored a tremendous change in attitudes towards home improvement. Consumers still want beautiful homes, but many now lack basic skills or the desire to learn them. With today’s busy lifestyle, studies show that we just aren’t as handy as we used to be, opting instead to hire a tradesmen to do it for us. Continue Reading »

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Dario Gil, Vice President, Science & Technology, IBM Research

Dario Gil, Vice President, Science & Technology,
IBM Research

By Dario Gil

Silicon deserves lot of credit for enabling the digital revolution. Silicon-based chips power everything from cell phones to supercomputers.

Light is another critical factor in our digital lives. Behind the scenes, fiber optic cables carry a flood of voice and data communications for the Internet, telephone lines and cable TV.

But I believe that the real magic happens when light and silicon meet–in the realm of silicon photonics.

IBM Research scientists and engineers have achieved a major milestone that could accelerate progress in this area. They have invented a silicon photonics device that combines electrical and optical components on a single chip, and which can be mass-produced using conventional chip manufacturing techniques. Read about the technical details here.

This breakthrough paves the way for game-changing advances in everything from high-performance computing to Internet-scale data centers. By easing data traffic jams in all sorts of computing and communications systems, our technology enables cloud computing and big data analytics to achieve their full potential.

Continue Reading »

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Steve Robinson,  General Manager, IBM Cloud Platform Services

Steve Robinson, General Manager, IBM Cloud Platform Services

By Steve Robinson

The cloud industry is entering a critical innovation stage.

Organizations have quickly learned that the Cloud presents a cost-effective and reliable way of delivering value, but it’s also becoming clear that cloud is more than just way to cut costs.

Cloud technologies have the means to exponentially increase performance regardless of the industry. And the tremendous growth and potential can only be sustained with a continued commitment to innovation on the cloud. If we expect enterprise-wide adoption of cloud technologies to continue, cloud must be easy to use, bring value and have the ability to integrate regardless of the platform. Continue Reading »

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