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After many weeks of working together, Extreme Blue Belgium is coming to an end. The students have already started the prototyping phase.  “They have to choose the technologies they have to work with. Sometimes it is technology they have never worked with so there is a learning process there”- said Hirem Pervaz, Extreme Blue Belgium project manager- “They have to find the setup in their teams. Who is doing what, which technology they should use.”

Nevertheless, every phase in the Extreme Blue program has its own issues or difficulties and not only students are learning how to do the best job. “You work with students so it’s very young and dynamic environment, I learn a lot from them- said one of the mentors- Moreover, this year we have a very multicultural team that brings added value to this program”.

You can see in this video which is the feedback of some of the mentors working on the Extreme Blue program:

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