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  Did you know that on April 7, 2014 a top-quality IBM jewel celebrated its 50th anniversary? This is about technology that reshaped entire industries, allowed to reinvent business models for competitive advantage, and stimulated overall economy through secure transactions and trustable data.

This master piece is known as “Mainframe” or “System z”. Taking into consideration its evolution towards a workload optimized hybrid system, it also is named “zEnterprise”. While its basic concepts are still applicable, the zEnterprise technology belongs to the most modern on earth, represented in its most recent server types, the zEC12 and the zBC12.

Master the Mainframe, for the real whizz kids!

Master the Mainframe, for the real whizz kids!


We think that students at high schools and universities will be attracted by the opportunity to discover this exciting piece of technology. This becomes even more tempting when they discover that this exploration journey allows them to develop competitive skills and prepare for the job market.

This contest is still open for enrollments (it is until the last day of the contest). Some 100 students have already found their way and today, 54 students have reached phase 2!


We can imagine that some of them are somewhat bored by learning those “traditional” Java and .NET details over and over again, knowledge which is already mastered by masses of people. For the real whiz kids, the time has come for doing “real IT stuff”! That is why we are inviting the student community to participate in a unique game: the “Master the Mainframe Contest”.

For the “real whiz kids”


This challenge is part of the zAcademic Initiative and is open to all students of universities and high schools in the Benelux countries, and will be organized in the fall of 2014, between October till January 14 2015. And it’s not just about having fun! Apart from acquiring the type of experience that will help them land a job in the IT industry, they also can win fantastic prizes! Prior knowledge is not required. The only preconditions are curiosity, passion and a healthy sense of fair play and competition… Doesn’t that sound appealing? Last but not least, local and international subject matter experts will be within reach for all participants, if they require guidance. The reason we are organizing this event in 2014 should be clear by now: the basis of the hyper modern Mainframe technology the entire world relies upon was born half a century ago! Check out and our Facebook page:

Do not hesitate to enroll and follow up all additional announcements!

You can register here

The IBM Benelux Master the Mainframe Team,
Eric Michiels –
Ivo Van Horebeek –
Martijn Raave –
Wing-Yan Man –
Dennis Prang –

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