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Everyone and everything is producing huge amounts of data daily. These amounts of big data include crucial information that can change or save lives, ease work or lead to the next big invention. Think about the healthcare systems. Healthcare organizations are amassing vast amounts of data. Physicians have been on information overload for decades, contributing to the estimated 15% of diagnoses that are inaccurate or incomplete (Harvard Business Review, April, 2010). But let’s imagine if information insights are coupled with clinical collaboration. This can dramatically improve quality of care, patient safety and outcomes, while also improving the cost-effectiveness of care.


The smarter approach to healthcare – which can be very well applied to national governments as well – is one that turns data into clinical and business insights for better outcomes. It instruments processes with those insights in real-time for point of care decisions and productivity. Hospitals, medical centers and clinicians can work smarter by bringing seamless, patient-centered, holistic and proactive approaches into their interactions with a patient, to deliver better care experiences that emphasize prevention and wellness.

Forward-thinking organizations and governments are connecting their data, systems and processes to facilitate secure communications and information sharing. The IBM Centre for Applied Insights provides proven return on investment for such initiatives in healthcare systems (US). Taking this step can help establish the foundation for smarter systems that seamlessly deliver integrated services, centered on the citizen.

Of course that technology will not simplify the complex government structure, but it can at least automate and streamline the process of information sharing within the different structures. It is crucial in this regard to set up pilot projects so governments can determine which measures offer the most added value. You can read more about the concrete next steps that any government should take in the new IBM white paper: “Paradigm shift within the government. Redefining the relationship between citizenand government.”  You can download it here (registration necessary).

Joan Van Loon, IBM

Joan Van Loon, IBM

Author:  Joan Van Loon, Enterprise Business Unit Leader Public, Life Sciences, Telco & Utilities | IBM Belux

About the author: Joan has over 17 years of experience in business management and management consulting, with expertise in diverse areas like business operations and transformations, IT strategy & governance, quality management, knowledge management and people management. He is currently leading the Public Sector in IBM Belux with personal focus on Watson, government innovation and healthcare.


*The new relationship Citizen – Government is full series of 8 articles and studies about how the new era of technology changes is perceived and embraced by the public authorities and which are the new challenges encountered when trying to keep or build a relationship with the modern citizen or when trying to ensure them with security.


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