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November, 21st 2008

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Well, color me hopeful. In James Governor’s post,  IBM Joins
Obama’s Coalition for a Smart Planet: Change!
, he writes:  “…IBM is choosing to work
on exactly the right problems- the problems that Obama has also pledged to
make his own.”

As James mentions in his comparison, one priority we’re working
on is finding a solution for the lack of clean water for a fifth of the world’s
population. In the debate around this blog’s first post, the point is made:
"the economic structures do not exist in these regions to build the
necessary infrastructure making clean water delivery possible.” 

But consider the Play Pump.

Playpump2_3 A handful of folks install a merry-go-round in sub-Saharan African countries. Kids spin this around as they play — which
apparently takes very little training — and energy from their play pumps water from the ground
for their community. The pump offers space
for advertising, which pays for the setup. It’s not complex. It’s not
technical. It’s just smart.

A friend who sits a few cubicles away from me at work, Matt
Berry, recently returned from a Corporate Service Corps trip to Tanzania,
where he spent a month helping install stairmaster-type machines that pump
water for the village. I’m assuming the
kids weren’t aware there was an option for playground equipment.  See photo below from his trip.  Matt is the guy on the far right.  (more on his blog, registration required).

For sure, solving the problems Governor mentions like getting cMatt_berrylean drinking water to those who need it will require the world’s top thinkers. Sharon Nunes is trying to figure out how to provide enough clean water
to support the nine billion people who will inhabit our planet by the year
2050. She’s studying systems in nature,
like the mechanisms the ocean uses today to cleanse itself of pollutants, and applying that knowledge to learn how we might remove heavy metals or
contaminants from water systems. I won’t
be able to bring much to the table on that one.

But a PhD, economic structures, elaborate infrastructures or a trip to Africa are not required for me to be able to contribute to solving one of these tough problems.  I can become part of the solution by contacting an organization like AmeriCares, UNICEF, Save the Children, etc.  Heck, we can all do something like that. 

Can’t we ?


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September 18, 2016
8:20 am

Obama !!!

Posted by: lkloveskin
March 31, 2016
3:31 am

Ah Obama, the coolest president of USA. I really wondering why USA people didn’t like him. He is like, the perfect president for you. He’s cool, friendly, and always smiling lol Bet when he not a president again, you people will miss him lol

Posted by: Eng's Resto
January 21, 2016
12:43 am

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December 6, 2015
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Posted by: Irvin
June 29, 2011
12:01 pm

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Posted by: michael04
November 23, 2008
7:34 pm

When you people – finaly gets it -
that the economy and the clockwork around it has a sort of a kill around the finacial crisis – and related to the enviromental crisis then we are talking. So I like to inwoke some good ideas that can be used along the way.
Currently the need for a new “apollo program is huge” – the science around us are inspired by just that fact that a president like kennedy did just exacly that – “we will put a man on the moon” – Just that is in badley badly needed. And on top of that we would need to end the reliance of oil & gas products NOW!! -And kill the fosil economy -A; dee — deadly flat ! that means that we have to cancel the irak war – we do not need it. And I would also like to put it on the side for so many – the BIG UFO — discloture is in need NOW!! cause it contains science that you IBM guys have, including others i guess under your arms for very long. We know that because staff in sweden have spilled some beans about it. USA military officers work in ibm in sweden for what reasons I don´t know.
To the other matter is that I fully recomend you guys to join forces with people like Steven Greer.. and btw – we have the movie — go here and have a secondary thought!!
I named it the fantasy ciris.. its like some people go to the spelling board and type words like Free energy – weird sience – and others go to the board and erase it – and type money – is important.. But the real truth is that we are on a ship that is about to sink if we don´t rethink or do something else that we arn´t supposed to be able to do. So Show me you neat tech and at the same time – the power – needed – inconnection with all out there.. Infact we can do digital anarky -it worked for all thoese enthusiast that designed linux – now its time to show that even do work in other areas…

Posted by: Marcel Bos
November 22, 2008
2:15 pm

A recent slideshow that focuses on one of the participants of the first Corporate Service Corps group to volunteer in Ghana was recently released. I think it makes a nice addition to this post. Really gives the initiative a face:

Posted by: george faulkner
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