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November, 1st 2008

“A butterfly flaps its wings in China, and sometime later a thunderstorm drenches Chicago . . .” These words open video below “The Tale of a Smarter Planet.” This is a story that touches upon aspects of so many of our lives as we enter into this era of change. The bottom line? We now have the tools to literally change the way the world works.

The challenges and opportunities ahead of us are far too large, various and inherently global for any government, industry or nation to tackle alone. It will take all of civil society to transform the way the world works. And the good news is, we can. This goes far beyond repairing the old economy. We can now prepare a new one, for the 21st century. Computational power is being put into things we wouldn’t recognize as computers — phones,cameras, cars, appliances, roadways, power lines, clothes. We are interconnecting all of this through the Internet, which has come of age. There is a tremendous mandate today for positive change, and this moment will not last forever. Let’s seize it — not simply to fix a flawed past, but to build a smarter future.


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October 22, 2011
11:12 pm

That is an extremely inspiring video and if I can just remain fixated on the dream of it all without considering how it will ultimately be implemented, I’m a happy camper.

Posted by: David
September 8, 2011
3:42 am
October 17, 2010
2:15 pm

Cynical view:
I have no idea on how to make it happen but isn’t population growth the ultimate answer for the inadequate resource problem? The continuing growth of the web is a good thing but it won’t solve the resourcing issues.

Positive view:
Innovation will solve our problems. Energy alternatives. Clean water for unlimited number of people on earth.

Posted by: David
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