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December, 2nd 2008

As we expand our social media outreach for Smarter Planet, we will begin to feature and point to other bloggers who are thinking and investigating issues related to intelligent infrastructure. (Please feel free to recommend, via comments here, blogs and sites that we should connect with.)
Here’s one example from the Healthnex blog, on wearable healthcare devices and a home monitering system developed by Intel.

You can also sift through several years of Healthnex posts on topics related to smarter planet such as "e-health trends," healthcare IT innovations, clinical decision support systems and genomics.

JackbhiheadJack Mason
IBM Global Business Services

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March 25, 2016
11:42 am

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Posted by: Lizz
February 1, 2016
10:05 am

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Posted by: Dickson
January 21, 2016
3:30 pm

Fat Diminisher System Review By Woman changed her life

Posted by: Bob Hop
October 18, 2010
9:25 pm

It is good to see applications of wearable computing.

Posted by: David
April 8, 2009
12:44 am

I think this is a great idea

Posted by: blair
December 3, 2008
10:47 am

I think, whatever developped solution to forecast the traffic, even with latest technologies, traffic has become so dense, that no suitable solution could be provided by the application, to make traffic flows freely wherever you go.
I think we have to think solution to allow people to work at home or near home, by developping solutions as Conference call, e meeting, Webcast, solutions to allow all work for Clients site with all necessary securities, as we have at IBM site.

Posted by: locicero gisele
December 2, 2008
9:13 pm

The app developers I’ve discussed this idea with say the iPhone SDK is the easiest set of tools they have ever worked with. RIMM makes app developement too complex and Google simply has too small a user base with only a small T-Mobile community. However the people that can write this code tell me my rather advanced idea would probably require the resources and industry leadership of an established IT organization. One with the necessary clout to bring together all the interested parties. I cannot think of a computer firm that would be willing to take on a project that might revolutionize urban planning and daily commutes, can you?

Posted by: Thomas H. Williams
December 2, 2008
4:01 pm

The idea of navigation systems being part of a kind of smarter commuting program is very interesting. I wonder if any of the main device makers have an open API that might be the basis for an experiment.

Posted by: Jack Mason
December 2, 2008
2:00 pm

Public and private partnerships must encourage the use of smart traffic grids to help any business that operates 24 hours a day. Government and private workers must be given financial incentives to use these smart grids. Dial an 800 number and learn the best times and route to make your commute to work. Get a small bonus if you do this and actually use the knowledge gained. We could program GPS navigation systems to calculate the fuel and time costs of driving to work at 6AM versus 9AM. People willing to participate would get gas cards or credits for driving to work during the most efficient commuting hours.

Posted by: Thomas H. Williams
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