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To continue our outreach to bloggers talking and thinking about Smarter Planet, wanted to share Bob’s discussion, as well as some key points from his post, below:

Bob’s Silver Bullets:

  • We’ve got a huge IT infrastructure in place now, and the IT and physical infrastructures are starting to converge.
  • There are some critical global systemic problems that need comprehensive solutions rather than band aids.
  • Moving from the in-place to instrumentation, connectivity, and processing power to something that resembles real-time intelligence is our best way of solving these problems.
  • Given the urgency on which the world now needs to focus on economic problems, now is exactly the right time for placing some well-considered big bets.
  • Given the new political administration coming into Washington, these big bet efforts may and probably will be accomplished through public-private partnerships.
  • We need to go from “Think globally, act locally” to “Think globally, act locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.”
  • What’s your role? What will need to change in the way you manage your home and your life, and how will you play a part in the global transformations that are now necessary?

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