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US Food & Drug Administration Associate Commissioner will be keynote speaker at the Food Safety event in Washington, D.C. on June 24.

Dr. David Acheson, associate commissioner for food at the US Food & Drug Administration, will be the keynote speaker at IBM’s Food Safety event at the Rayburn Building on June 24. Will you be there to participate in this discussion of how businesses and government can create a smarter, safer food supply for consumers around the world?

The President Obama Administration has committed $1+ billion to FOOD SAFETY on an INTERNATIONAL basis. We can help guide where that is spent! On June 24, from 9:00 until 11:30am US Eastern Time IBM will host an event on food safety in the US Government Rayburn Building in Washington, DC. The event — which will gather government leaders, trade and consumer groups, food producers, retailers, scientists, food industry analysts, academics, press and other industry influencers — promises to be viewed as a ground-breaking discussion around this most top-of-mind challenge.

We have confirmed Gay Whitney, Standards Director, EPCglobal (key standards body for traceability), Caroline Smith DeWaal, Food Safety Director, Center for Science in the Public Interest to discuss consumer needs from a scientific and health perspective and Are Bergquist, Managing Director, Matiq (Largest Food Producer in NORWAY) to share success story on meat traceability in Norway, among other speakers.

There is a very limited number of attendees who will be able to participate in this OPEN FORUM, so if you have interest in securing the safety of the world’s food supply, please respond immediately with your intent to attend to
. There is no cost for entry to this event.

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