Instrumented Interconnecteds Intelligent

IBM’s Almaden Research Lab in San Jose, Calif.

For those who follow any topics related to energy, smart grids, renewable energy and the future of the automobile industry, the current limitations in electrical energy storage and battery technologies are well known. We even published a podcast on this topic Monday. These limitations and the implications it has for future sustainable energy programs will be the topic of discussion today at The Almaden Institute, an annual conference hosted by our colleagues and friends in IBM’s Almaden Research Lab.

Among today’s speakers are luminaries such as Nobel Laureate Burton Richtor, Daniel Sperling, author of Two Billion Cars, and Ted Miller, from Ford Research. You can see more of the agenda on the IBM Research blog.

But don’t fret if you weren’t invited, you can watch the conference live below, beginning right now.

The event is now closed. For more information on this subject listen to a podcast on electric energy storage.

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Check out Exec Digital magazines new article on smart grid featuring Roger Duncan of Austin Energy.

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