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It seems you can’t have a smart grid conversation these days without the issue of security creeping in. And understandably so. It’s an issue that everyone from Reuters to Treehugger to Earth2Tech have covered at length.

Rather than rehashing all the possible disaster scenarios, I think it’s worth spending time talking about real solutions and opportunities for securing the smart grid. Namely, creating a full security framework that spans not just technology, but also policy, governance, personnel and finance.

To that end IBM, IDC Research and Oncor Energy will be hosting a live webinar to talk through security and the smart grid next week, September 14th at 11 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time. You (yes, you) are invited to join in, so register here now.

Speaking will be Oncor Energy’s manager of technology, Donny Helm; IDC’s Intelligent Grid Strategies research manager, Marcus Torchia; IBM’s CTO for Energy & Utilities, Jeffrey Katz; and IBM’s Software General Manager, Al Zollar.

Following is additional context for the webinar, quoting from the registration page:

As security standards for the Smart Grid near finalization, the grid’s control networks will start looking more like IT networks running business applications. One of the biggest advantages of this transformation is the ability to use Internet technologies for remote monitoring of energy devices, as well as managing grid assets and operations.

But this could also increase the exposure of the Grid to cyber-attacks. And the stakes are enormous. The good news is that hardened Internet security technologies and software architectural frameworks have evolved in other industries to the point where they can be used to help keep the Smart Grid secure. The key is implementing an end-to-end security architecture within the Smart Grid network that mirrors those of the world’s safest IT networks used by banks, government organizations and other high-risk industries.

As with the remainder of the utility enterprise, this security framework must encompass everything from grid and distribution management, to finance and administration, customer management, HR and procurement.

This webinar will describe the construction of a security framework based on best practices in protecting IT networks and will discuss real-world security implementations of a smart grid.

Enough pontificating about the theoretical threats. Let’s talk more about the solutions. I’m looking forward to the call.

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