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 By Susan Noack

Technology today helps hospitals, doctors and nurses alike improve how they care for patients and makes it easier to focus on the quality of care patients receive. New device monitoring, sensors, electronic medical records ….they all help caregivers in their daily routines by providing better information.

However, let’s be clear: technology alone does not improve quality. It is the people involved in the care processes that have the most significant impact. In order to improve quality, we need the type of consistent and objective data that can become the key driver behind helping entire health care teams collaborate, improve processes and make faster decisions.  Without data, you have no way to measure, monitor, and improve.

We’re working with many hospitals truly focused on improving how they treat patients, helping people get well quicker while reducing costs. But in order to do that, hospitals must first be able to give their people better information – delivering new insights into their data.

For example, a hospital trying to reduce the number of central line infections may try to get an accurate view of the problem by looking at all their data: Which patients are getting infections? When are infection rates higher? Which units and shifts are involved? Are there any adjunct procedures linked to the problem? By putting a process in place to capture data and agree that it is accurate, and looking at the data sideways, crossways and upside down through analytics, doctors and nurses can begin to agree upon what actions to take to solve the problem. That’s what health analytics is all about.

As health care becomes even more complex, the best hospitals are determining how they can tap all their information and look deep into it to better understand how to make care more effective, how to keep patients healthy and spot critical trends before they become problems.

Susan Noack is Global Industry Director Healthcare for IBM Cognos

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January 23, 2016
5:22 am

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June 20, 2011
10:43 pm

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Posted by: Rafael Ceasar
November 3, 2009
1:34 pm

You would be very correct in that technology alone doesn’t address healthcare. People are made of water, use and lose water everyday while not topping up the fuel required to run our body. I am not talking about bottled water as it is cleaned so much it has lost electrical properties.

Dr. Batman at writes incredible material on the fact “Your nor Sick, Your Thirsty”

There is new science out there that will save limbs for diabetics and regrow nerve fiber. There is new science providing doctors the ability to see breast cancer with non invasive imaging.

People need education and to take responsibility for their health because not looking after yourself while you run to the doctor is defeating the health care system.

Posted by: Curtis Bennett
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