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May, 19th 2010

Smart Metering is creating buzz in the marketplace, and for good reason. Consumer visibility into energy consumption — and having the means to take a more active role in day to day consumption – means less energy wasted and more money saved. But to get that level of visibility, companies and consumers need to make sense of massive amounts of data. Our project to bring smart metering to homes across Britain with IBM is a good example of how beginning with the home, our communities and cities can be more energy conscious and work to reverse the effects of climate change.

Background here: We received funding in the UK for a 30-month research project that will allow stakeholders from local authorities, private businesses and universities to study energy monitoring and its effect on human behavior. The goal was to enable real-time analysis of electricity usage for households, or even for individual appliances, to help people make better decisions about energy efficiency in the home and minimize their environmental impact.

So we installed small, low-cost energy monitoring devices at groups of homes in five European cities: Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester in the UK, and Plovdiv and Ivanovo in Bulgaria. These are really ‘living labs’ that give researchers access to real-world energy usage data, and where they can study behavior and attitudes towards energy management.

The key is getting homeowners access to all this information online in a simple format. Our dashboard does just that. It displays their electricity usage and performs analytics, such as calculating costs against the users’ electricity tariff, or comparing their usage to the average for their group. Our project proves that when people can see and understand the numbers, they can make more informed decisions about energy management and change their behavior – like reducing electricity bills and saving the environment, so to speak.

What does this mean for the larger UK population? In the first proof-of-concept we simulated three million homes sending readings once a minute and we were able to capture nearly 50,000 readings per second using only a quad-core, dual-processor Intel server. In the second, we moved to a slightly larger server and found we could deliver analytics response times of between one and three seconds for a similar load. Tech talk here, but the point is that energy monitoring for millions of homes or more can now be a practical proposition.

Clive EClive Eisen, Chief Technology Officer at Hildebrand, is directly responsible for the operations and software development staff tasked with managing the roll-out of Hildebrand products and services.



Editor’s note. For some more of IBM’s perspective on the project, following is a video of Guido Bartels, IBM’s general manager for Energy & Utilities.
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她没有错她是我们的宿管,染着黄色的头发,矮胖的身体里却可以爆发出惊人的 河东狮吼 。 我很讨厌她。我们宿舍的卫生和纪律做得都非常好,几个星期了都没有扣过分,可她就是不给我们流动红旗。流动红旗可以为我们在德育评考分上加分,身为舍长的我气愤地去找了我们的宿管 女魔头 理论,可她的回答却让我哑口无言。 你们宿舍做得好我都知道,可你们之前已经拿了很多流动红旗了,这还不够吗?一百多个宿舍只有八个名额,有的宿舍还没拿过流动红旗呢!反正你们的听话,我是看在心里的。 她露出了狡黠的笑容。好吧,我败给你了。 反正又拿不到流动红旗了,我们纪律也放松了很多,每天晚上我们聊天吹牛到半夜。有一天我们夜里说话被宿

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微风轻轻起,细雨落无声。缕缕微风不足以吹乱我的头发,却吹乱了我那颗平静的心。蒙蒙细雨不足以淋湿我的衣衫,却淋湿了我那双忧郁的眼。风微微,却吹起了我对远方的思念。雨蒙蒙,却唤醒了我那不堪回首的曾经。 我独站在人来人往的街边,抬起头看着那些被雾霾笼罩着的楼层,傻傻的想着,关于爱情,是否每个人都会有一段刻骨铭心的记忆,纵然往事不愿再提,但依旧放在心里,只是不愿意告诉身边的人。可是再遇到和曾经一样的风景或者一样的情节的时候,还是会忍不住的暗自感叹或发呆。 一点点微风就能惊扰内心深处的过往,一丝丝细雨就能勾起回忆里的伤。可笑我的情感竟是这么的脆弱,就是这种多愁善感的性格让我始终挣扎在悲

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轻风飘过的足迹记不清有多久没有感动了,或许是岁月的无情,我们的心渐渐地苍老,没有留下眼泪的感伤;或许是显示的残酷,无心寻求温暖的光辉,让这片润泽的土地散发出淡淡的哀伤与无奈。时间如水般流逝,有人必定匆匆消失在人海中,似种子般默默地;有人必定让人铭记,这时间或许只是几秒甚至是一瞬间,他却永远如往常般那样平凡与伟大。 我承认,感动中国带给我的是心的融化。可是,那个人不想永远保持温暖。可惜,不知怎么,忘记那依存的热度,心也冰凉,人也哀伤,平静。 影片上的点点,洒在我心上。他们的一生,平淡却透露出紫兰花的幽香,没有多么的惊天动地的誓言,却有着默默地足迹在那里显得尤其深与清晰。 一个地方呆久了,就

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分离时初中,应该是激情四射,青春飞扬的,至少在我将要上初中时是这么认为的。可当我踏进这座将要承载我三年光阴的学校时,我却发现我被欺骗了。我们穿着同样的校服,学习同样的科目,做同样的事,过着极尽无聊的生活。我多么想早早离开,去往我所羡慕的世界啊。 然而这样的机会来了。 班主任把我和我班的另两个尖子生叫出去谈话后,我知道一扇门正式为我打开了 学校高中部要录取我们做培优生,提前学习高中的知识。这对我来说无疑是个好消息。学校高中部师资雄厚,升学率很高,是当地最好的高中。可这些对我来说都不重要,我答应要留在这里读高中的主要原因是我爸爸妈妈坚决要我在这里读书,他们经常说,这里好啊,有前途,你不在这

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人生由我,幸福由心纵使路途遥远曲折,我也能选择走过的方式;纵使生活多烦忧,我也能知福惜福。人生由我,幸福由心,有一颗想要快乐、懂得珍惜的心,何时何地都能露出发自内心的笑容。 这个世界本来就不公平,每个人随时都有可能处在不公平的境况之中,但是很多人仍然能够在不公平之中生活着,就是因为他们找到了面对不公平的方法。他们没有怨天尤人,首先尝试解决眼前的不公平,若能解决是件好事,若不能解决也不需要过于沮丧,只要还能活着就是一件幸福的事情了。无法解决的不公平就不要再耿耿于怀了,想得越多只会让自己更加难过,倒不如把注意力放在需要我们努力完成的事情上,用忙碌和成就感忘却对这个世界的不满,增加幸福感。

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May 7, 2016
12:31 am

思念的忧伤 今天快乐却也失落几分一种思念两处闲愁彼岸的亲朋此岸的我双眸凝视远方是泪光摇曳的身姿重阳故地风情让思念成为佳节唯一记忆。 双九重阳亲朋团聚是欢乐的逍遥也是情谊的回眸。 佳节如期情意相邀是心扉难掩的思念也是情感的铭记。那一刻记忆的片段如雪花的飘絮在脑海中浮现 爱与情两线交融情与意邂逅相逢曾经你的背影隐约而蹒跚站前;往昔你的容颜欢笑诚成挥手间泪水已淹没你双眸你的身影我开始留恋。 列车浮动鸣声响起长长的车厢开始驶离每一站的思念。从此记忆开始成为思念的药苦涩而甜香;离别的声音也从此落寞忧伤。快乐的重阳思念的悲伤九月九忆别思念的感伤让孤独不再成为时间的心伤。 举杯相邀明月三人

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May 7, 2016
12:31 am

勿忘心安 宠辱不惊,去留无意,花开花落,云卷云舒,虔诚的年少,沉默在失去的结局里。逆流只是倔强无言的执着,挣与拖,逃与过,奈何重温前的落寞,周而复始,无的放矢。 失去只是一念背影,存在却是一眼光景。怀缅时间,云般游走;缅怀生活,不知罕有,说不清的始末终究落空,浮浮沉沉,追溯受损的人生;道不完的原由终归纪念,牵牵绊绊,遗忘残酷的刻痕,虽然心田荒芜,但是繁华一片! 似乎有时候转身是经不起的承受,一世怀,一种愁,握住晚风落霞,彷徨,守候晨曦暖阳,远方。悠悠万里,回眸而过,青春如何,岁月如歌。 静寂中的乐章,奏响回忆的时光,遗憾肆然的期盼着慈祥冷落后的力量吞噬最终桀骜不驯的信仰,

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May 7, 2016
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April 30, 2016
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