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Just a quick editor’s note before the close of the day. Tomorrow is an exciting day for us here at IBM CHQ as we’ll be hosting a great group of business and technology bloggers in Armonk, NY for a number of focused discussions around Smarter Planet and the role analytics plays in realizing that vision.

A few of the highlights of the day include:

  • * conversations with Fred Balboni and Rod Smith about analytics and emerging technologies;
  • * an analytics roundtable discussion with venture capitalist Evangelos Simoudis, the New York Tax department and the Beacon Institute (using analytics to predict water conditions of the Hudson River);
  • * and a road trip to our research lab in Yorktown Heights to to test out Watson, the question and answer computing system being developed to compete on Jeopardy!

Sadly, the world can’t join us in person tomorrow, (if we only had large enough conference rooms) but we’ll do our best to share insights via @smarterplanet on Twitter. You can also follow along other participants’ perspectives using the #smarterplanet hashtag. Our own Steve Hamm will provide a more lengthy recap of the day here on the Smarter Planet blog tomorrow afternoon. Finally, we’ll also do our best to share links to the recaps from the other participants’ posts as they come in. Stay tuned.

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October 1, 2011
8:12 am

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Posted by: Scott Axtman
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August 16, 2010
6:30 am

[...] the importance of water: Referencing what the Beacon Institute highlighted at IBM’s Smarter Planet Blogger Day, Beacon argued that water management is a huge issue for the enterprise since no company can grow [...]

Posted by: Johnson & Johnson on sustainability and the intersection of returns on investment - SmartPlanet
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