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It’s Energy Day at Start. More than 160 business, private sector, and academic leaders are gathering at historic Lancaster House in London to discuss, and in many cases debate, the idea of smarter energy for a sustainable future.

From environmental concerns to aging infrastructure, from fuel poverty to water shortages from encouraging social change to having effective regulations, attendees will be discussing a complex yet interconnected set of challenges.

Energy and water are important topics for cities and countries around the world and the UK is no exception. By 2016 the demand for electricity in the UK is expected to exceed present day capacity and by 2050 there will be 2 million people in the UK with unreliable water supply if net river flows fall by the forecasted 15% due to climate change.

With unprecedented challenges comes unprecedented opportunity to deliver smarter energy. This includes new forms of renewable generation new ways of monitoring and managing the energy networks, new ways of influencing and engaging with customers and many more.

IBM’s Luq Niazi, discusses the Smarter Energy Day at the IBM Summit at Start. YouTube Preview Image

Finally, a quick thought on Lancaster House, the location of the IBM Summit at Start. On many levels this feels like the perfect place for debate on some of the biggest challenges facing our planet today. Over the years, others have gathered to do just that including factory reformer, The Earl of Shaftesbury, anti-slavery authoress Harriet Beecher Stowe and the G7 Leaders in 1984 and 1991. With its impressive history, ornate architecture and breathtaking art Lancaster House is bringing a very real sense of the past to present day discussions that will help shape the future of our planet.

You can follow along with today’s events at: Make sure to add your voice and ideas to the conversation on Twitter at #IBMStart or @IBM_Start.

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September 13, 2010
11:57 am

Dr. Davis, thanks for your comments. The video above is just one of many coming out the IBM Summit at Start. I would encourage you to visit: for more info.
You may also be interested in today’s blog post about the Start Young program that took place over the weekend — Erica

Posted by: Erica Topolski
September 12, 2010
9:47 pm

Sorry Luq, your presentation just doesn’t register compared to the videos on YouTube. The delivery is not very exciting. You aren’t practicing what you preach. Where is the new technology? Where are the new scientists? You need someone with young energy and novel ideas–from the Y2K generation to be leading the charge for IBM. Sorry, the gentlemen-in-blue-shirts tradition doesn’t speak to the Millenials. You are not reaching the audience of the future, who are right now cruising around on Facebook and wimp. Don’t underestimate the value of viral technology; it’s one of the reasons you are in business!

Posted by: Dr. June Davis
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