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November, 19th 2010

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Did you get a chance to watch any of the IBM SmartCamp World Finals from Dublin over the last few days?

I watched via the LiveStream channel and I thought it was fantastic.  Being able to watch the 9 finalists from around the world pitch their stuff ‘live’ to the judges was cool – and the ideas and products were quite interesting.  You really do get a sense for what a smarter planet will look like when these ideas move out into the mainstream.

Streetline wants you to find a parking spot fast.

Streetline wants you to find a parking spot fast.

In the end, the victory went to startup Streetline, a company that wants to make it much, much easier to find parking spaces in cities.  Now, having single-handedly funded New York City via my parking tickets over the last three years, I can truly appreciate Streetline’s product goals.  Nice job!

So if you missed the competition earlier in the week, jump on over to the IBM SmartCamp blog to relive the memories in video, pictures, and behind-the-scene blog posts.

Finally, congrats to the 600 young companies that competed in the 2010 competition!  I’m looking forward to next year’s edition which I hear will be expanding into even more cities located around our smarter-getting planet.

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