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February, 3rd 2011

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krislBy Kris Lichter

Followers of this blog may recall that about two months ago, IBM hosted a global event in Barcelona, Spain - The Smarter Industries Symposium.  Over 1,200 clients, partners and IBMers representing 10 different industries – banking, communications, energy and utilities, government, healthcare, insurance, oil and gas, retail, travel and transportation, and electronics, automotive and aerospace — convened at the Palais du Congres to share ideas and best practices, seek answers to critical issues and surface new insights.

Why host 10 distinct industries at a single Smarter Planet event? Because while Smarter Planet solutions are often implemented one process, one company, or one industry at a time, the ultimate goal of a Smarter Planet is to better understand how these different systems work together. Helping our clients and partners within each industry transform is an important focus for IBM.  But so is enabling each of those industries to collaborate, understand their points of intersection, and recognize common patterns of opportunity and challenge.


Throughout the event, participants shared a wide range of innovative ideas, solutions, business models, methodologies and practices on their road to getting smarter. And there was intense interest by participants to extend their ideas to colleagues both within and outside their own industries. They intrinsically understood that the best way to transform their own industry was to collaborate, listen and learn.

We couldn’t agree more.

To that end, we’re proud to offer ten new industry reports, collectively entitled The State of Smarter Industries – Barcelona 2010.  These reports highlight the most provocative and innovative ideas and insights discussed at the Smarter Industries Symposium. They describe the challenges of implementing Smarter Planet solutions. And they detail the benefits of overcoming those challenges.

You’ll read about healthcare organizations in the Extremadura region of Spain banding together to build an integrated healthcare system to deliver a new benchmark of care to thousands of patients.  You’ll read how Singapore’s government-developed information management solution uses real-time data to route traffic around the city-state and dramatically reduce road congestion.  And you’ll read how U.S financial institutions are sharing risk data to better mitigate consumer fraud and exploring ways to collaborate around critical compliance laws.

Individually, each report is a powerful tool for understanding a specific industry better. Taken together, these reports underscore the common ideas of Smarter Planet that all industries share.  They highlight how potential solutions from one industry may be extended and applied to another.  Perhaps even more importantly, they shine a light on new cross-industry collaborative opportunities for growth. Because together, we all get a little smarter.

For those of you that attended the event, we encourage you to read through the reports from industries adjacent to your own. The ideas you find may have direct relevance to a problem you’re trying to solve. And for those that did not attend the event, consider these reports a virtual representation of the Smarter Industries Symposium, complete with content from the general sessions, and insights from the industry breakouts.

These reports are a first edition of an ongoing series around smarter industries – industry-specific materials that are designed to be of use to any industry. After all, when we truly understand the potential for making all industries smarter, we each unlock value for our stakeholders, and we collectively take the next step towards making the world work better.

You can find The State of Smarter Industries – Barcelona 2010 reports here.

Kris Lichter is the director of public sector marketing and communications at IBM.  You can contact him at

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August 14, 2011
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I agree with your The State of Smarter Industries | A Smarter Planet Blog, excellent post.

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