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Stephen Tame CIO Jetstar (seated)This is a guest post from Stephen Tame (@Stephentame), Chief Information Officer, Jetstar Airways

How can an airline make travel more convenient and hassle-free? Technology can play an important part. We book our travel online, start the check-in process for a flight at home, boarding passes can be delivered to our smartphones and use self-serve kiosks at the airport. All of this is designed to give the traveller more control over the airport experience.

As the leading low-fare airline for Australia and Asia Pacific, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the travel experience. And, it makes business sense too. Using self-service technology helps passengers get through the airport and to their flight as quickly and smoothly as possible. This also helps the airline run more efficiently and helps us keep airfare costs down for our travellers.

As Jetstar was considering how to improve the check-in experience and increase the number of passengers taking advantage of our self-service kiosks, we wanted all of our travellers, whether they had a smartphone or not, to have boarding information delivered straight to their phone via text message.  Plus a large portion of Jetstar’s passengers are leisure travellers, so, they typically have no access to printers to print their own boarding passes for the return trip home. So, SMS boarding allows even more passengers to take advantage of mobile check-in solutions.

Sending a boarding pass via SMS is easy. The hard part is reading it back from a mobile phone especially when they all use different fonts, text sizes, orientation, and graphical elements to display text messages. With IBM technology and Sissit Group’s Universal Scanner software integrated with our self-service kiosks, the system can now read, process and complete the transaction in under two seconds.

Passengers hold their phone in front of a camera that’s attached to the kiosk and the content of the SMS message is determined. They can quickly confirm their identity, choose their seats, print boarding passes and bag tags, drop off bags at the counter, and proceed straight to their departure gate. Simple and fast – the process takes an average of just 12 seconds. More importantly, travellers can take advantage no matter what kind of mobile phone they are using.

A smarter check-in and boarding process means less queuing, more convenience and may likely get you to your destination a little faster.

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February 6, 2012
8:58 pm

he SMS message is determined. They can quickly confirm their identity, choose their seats, print boar

Posted by: ゴヤール
September 30, 2011
12:07 am

I am thinking if this will really protect our privacy?

Posted by: agm731f
August 29, 2011
8:10 am

What a great innovation; printers are getting more difficult to find as much of our information lives in the cloud. Could you help with information of how this was implemented ?

Posted by: Keli
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