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September, 20th 2011

Dispatches from IBM’s THINK: A Forum on the Future of Leadership

By Mauricio Godoy and Chris Andrews
IBM Communications

Sara Arildsson, director of IBM’s Software Group in Sweden, talks about how global economic uncertainty and cost pressures actually present an opportunity to companies and their clients. They can share what they learn about dealing with adversity and help each other solve their problems

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Ziaad Suleman, based in South Africa, is the chief attorney for IBM in sub-Saharan Africa. He talks about the challenges of leading in Africa.

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Paul Ahlstrom, managing director of Alta Ventures in Mexico, talks about the importance of making bold leadership moves and taking risks at times like this.

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Christian Bruckner, COO of Banca Comerciala Romana, in Romania, talks about today’s leadership challenges.

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Cameron Brooks, director, IBM Government Healthcare Segment, talks about how leaders must emerge in the US healthcare system and create collaborations that cut across the industry to improve the performance of the system.

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Rashmy Chatterjee, vice president, general business, IBM Software Group, growth markets, talks about the challenging in managing today’s young employees.

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Gonzalo Miranda, venture capitalist at Austral Capital, talks about the need to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Latin America.

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Activate Managing Director Anil Dash talks about the challenge of getting people motivated to take on big complex problems that take a long time to resolve and aren’t sexy.

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Bevin Maguire, vice president, marketing, IBM Global Business Services, talks about the importance of creative leadership.

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Hundreds of future leaders are milling around in the atriumĀ  of Alice Tully Hall at New York’s Lincoln Center, getting ready to file into the hall for the start of THINK Forum. We’re pulling attendees aside and capturing their views on leadership.

Here’s a very personal and moving bit of testimony from Jeanne Mechler, a distinguished engineer and chip designer in IBM’s Systems & Technology division. She talks about how advice from her father, a longtime IBMer himself, guides her approach to problem solving.

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