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October, 24th 2011

Information is flowing like mighty rivers from a trillion intelligent devices, sensors, social forums and all manner of instrumented objects. This “big data” comes in one size: large; and in many different varieties. And with 80 percent of new data growth existing as unstructured content — from medical files, to 3D images, to email keystrokes, to Twitter tags — the challenge is trying to pull it all together and make sense of it.

But what if you could tap into this information to uncover lucrative business opportunities? What if you had the “inside information” you needed to retain customers or improve research?  What if you could inject certainty and predictability into the decision-making process?

Participants at this week’s Information on Demand and Business Analytics Forum in Las Vegas are asking these questions, and they’re finding highly intelligent and profitable answers in clever analytics software that can organize, store and mine all of the information scattered throughout their organization and provide customized intelligence to gain faster insight from this information.

And there’s now little in the world of a smarter planet that analytics doesn’t cover (click on the images for a larger view):

Consumer Sentiment Commerce Security
Analtyics at Work: What consumers are saying Analytics at Work: Picturing the connected customer Analytics at Work:: Securing a Smarter Planet

Everywhere we look, IBM and its partners are applying analytics to world-changing projects.

Cities are using analytics to get both a bird’s eye view of their infrastructure — roads, buildings and waterways — along with insight into their operations underground and up on the street. There’s clever analytics software that can study consumer behaviors on the mobile Web; collect and interpret data gathered from minuscule devices on rail cars; pinpoint the best locations for wind turbines; and reduce customer churn and high school dropout rates.

Meanwhile, in university classrooms around the U.S. students are working side-by-side with IBM developers on new tools and approaches for putting the ballooning quantities of data to good use, and preparing themselves for the new jobs on a smarter planet.

And now we’re seeing analytics being spread far and wide across every industry (click on the images for a larger view):

Police Doctors Retailers
Analtyics at Work: Smarter Police
Analtyics at Work: Retailers

As organizations are discovering, the best part of this technology is its limitless horizons. Breakthroughs are occurring virtually ever day in our understanding of how to process all the different kinds of data, and turn it into not just organized information, or even knowledge, but actual intelligence.

What wasn’t visible before is becoming visible for the first time.  And this is changing the conventional wisdom of business forever.

Click here or below for more “smarter silhouettes” showing analytics at work.

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December 20, 2014
10:10 pm

Тhis website waѕ… how do yoս say it? Ʀelevant!! Finally I
have found something which ɦelped me. Thank you!

Posted by:
October 25, 2011
7:27 am

“Information is flowing like mighty rivers…” Love the descriptions here!

Posted by: Kate Sullivan
October 24, 2011
11:40 am

You’ve made everything here so easy to understand …especially the simple captions under the drawings. Please do more like it..


Posted by: Mary E. Harland
October 24, 2011
11:31 am

Really nice sentiment expressed here. And the illustrations are wonderful!

Posted by: Jonathan Clarke
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October 25, 2011
3:40 pm

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