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January, 16th 2012

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by Jebb Dykstra, CEO of Meetrix, an IBM Premier Business Partner

It used to be that a person with his head in the clouds had unrealistic and impractical ideas.

Today, thanks to cloud computing, that’s where many employees of small and midsize companies have their best ideas.

Collaboration through the cloud can unlock doors and spur the innovation necessary for companies to stay competitive today. It’s no wonder that a recent IBM midmarket study shows that 70 percent of the business and IT decision makers who participated have collaboration solutions planned or under way — and 66 percent have cloud computing projects in progress. According to AMI Partners, SMBs in the United States will spend more than $49 billion on cloud services in 2015, nearly double the size of the market today. Cloud services are good investments because of the cost savings, flexibility, and speed to market they offer.

At Meetrix, we’re a cloud application company helping small and midsize businesses connect with their employees quickly and economically. People spend too much time trying to find other people and the information they need, and if teams are dispersed globally, collaboration becomes even harder with the rising costs of travel and infrastructure. With cloud-SaaS designs that can be deployed easily inside and outside the firewall, companies located anywhere in the world can instantly connect with their employees, vendors, partners, and clients at any time on any device or operating system.

For example, one of our clients, Joerns Healthcare, previously ran on a Cisco solution that permitted only a few users to stay in contact. Through our cloud-based solution built in collaboration with IBM technology, we’ve tripled or quadrupled the amount of users for less money and made possible instant meetings, ongoing meetings — or work rooms as we like to call them — and even audio/video conferencing. Our goal is to have almost all of the Joerns operations and sales/marketing/billing teams on our solution. The Arlington, Texas-based company can also easily extend this collaboration experience to its offices overseas without any on-premises IT equipment or onsite expertise, as well as offer it to their most trusted sales distributors to improve their customer relationships.

Similarly, Kerr IP Group, a law firm, had little IT support and was looking for a low-cost, secure way to link its employees across different locations, as well as share sensitive files with clients. With cloud capabilities, staff and clients can now securely upload and download files from various geographies, contributing to more effective collaboration. Kerr employees told us they love being able to instantly interact with partners and associates who work from remote offices or home. And they like interacting independently from their clients or third-party lawyers during negotiations.

Small and midsize businesses are embracing the cloud more than ever before, because it puts them on equal footing with their larger counterparts. Now, at an affordable price, they have access to and can leverage solutions that were available only to Fortune 1000 companies.

Cloud is truly defining the future for smaller companies as well as IT vendors. With its agility, flexibility, and cost savings in this economy, it’s putting all our heads in the clouds.

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Awesome article and really we need to thank to cloud computing.

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