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Are you interested in chatting about building a Smarter Planet? Join us and discuss how businesses, governments and entire industries are adopting technologies to become efficient and effective.


You will need a Twitter ID to be part of this chat. To participate in the chat, follow @SmarterPlanet or the hash tag #P4SPChat on Twitter. You can also use applications like tweetchat for your convenience.


The #P4SPChat kicks-off on March 29, 2012 at 12 p.m. Eastern Time with a discussion on healthcare. We’ll conduct chats the second and fourth Thursday of every month at 12PM Eastern Time.

Health information is growing at a rapid pace. Medical information doubles every five years and more than 80% of hospitals in the US plan to use electronic records within two years. With all the growing medical knowledge and information, it is becoming harder for physicians to keep up. Consuming all this health data is beyond human cognitive capacity. Could the Watson system help process medical data and turn it into knowledge that physicians can use to lead to state of the art findings in medicine? IBM Watson’s breakthrough understanding of natural language and relationships among complex text-based terms could significantly enhance the delivery of healthcare. We’d love to hear your thoughts as we discuss the following questions:

Q1: How do you think #IBMWatson could be used to improve healthcare?

Q2: What other new technologies should be put to work in healthcare?

Q3: In what other industries do you think #IBMWatson, could bring specialized expertise to the masses?

See you there!

We would love to hear what you’d like to discuss during the future chats. If you have any topic ideas, post them as comment in this post or tweet @SmarterPlanet with your ideas.

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March 7, 2015
4:49 am

I really interest about this topic. A smarter planet for a brighter future.

Posted by: Radeeva
July 2, 2012
3:59 pm

To: IBM for a smarter Planet
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Posted by: James McIngvale
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