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Some transformations can affect a person, a team, clients, and sometimes even reach a continent.  Global Energy & Utilities Industry Leader, Michael Valocchi’s journey as a consultant has taken him through all of this and more.

Last year, Michael joined a group to revitalize IBM’s strategy in Africa which included examining how dozens of African countries can be transformed – infusing intelligence into government, bank, communications, energy processes.  The team was steeped into African cultures, speaking and listening to African leaders about their critical challenges.

“Visiting an orphanage in Kenya and in the regional planning offices in Nigeria, I was a first-hand witness to the consequences of a basic lack of infrastructure,” said Michael.  “I worked on a team that helped identify and map out technology solutions that could modernize essential aspects of African society — from introducing new broadband, banking and healthcare services, to increasing access to clean water, energy and congestion-free roads.”

The outcome of this experience was three-fold: African leaders obtained a new view of the future; IBM created global leaders that understood a major growth region for the company like Africa; and Michael experienced a personal transformation that has changed how he works with clients and his practice.

“It is unbelievably rewarding to be involved in a larger effort that improves the quality of life and promotes the long-term sustainability of a rising continent,” said Michael.

This experience resonated stateside, as well. Under Michael’s leadership, his team is helping transform a Northeastern energy company from strategy to technology implementation.  The transformation gives the company the flexibility to handle incidents such as a catastrophic ice storm that rendered the region without power for days.

Michael and his team have also been critical in advancing the Smart Grid transformation globally, by helping utility companies transition their electric grid, gas and water infrastructures to a dynamic, automated and reliable network. As a result of this transformation, utilities companies are moving to a smarter digital system and consumers are being empowered to manage their energy usage through detailed real-time data. In addition to recent smart grid projects such as the nation-wide implementation in Malta, Michael remains heavily involved in helping utilities identify barriers, discover opportunities and better engage with their consumers.

“Energy is essential” said Michael. “I believe in the criticality of this issue. It affects everybody in the world.”

Last night, Michael was recognized by Consulting Magazine as one of the Top 25 Consultants, for excelling in the Energy field. He was one of just 25 consultants chosen from 476 submitted names. It is no surprise that Michael was chosen for this distinction given his talent, dedication and skills.


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