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Suddenly, Big Data is all the rage. Organizations are deluged with huge amounts of information from a combination of their own computing systems, networks of sensors (the Internet of things) and social networking sites. You can be overwhelmed by data or do something useful with it–and many organizations are harvesting valuable insights from theirs. Join us here from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on June 27 find out what leading thinkers are saying about the Big Data opportunity for government. Please follow @IBMPolicy on Twitter, and Tweet to #BigData and #IBMPolicy.

For IBM and the U.S. government, making the most of big data is nothing new. One of IBM’s predecessor companies supplied the government with tabulating equipment for conducting the population census starting in 1890, Then, in the 1930s, IBM collaborated with the Roosevelt administration to help create the Social Security System,  which you can think of as the mother of all Big Data projects. The government needed a massive and sophisticated tabulating system to track 26 million citizens and connect to employers’ payrolls

This year marks Social Security’s 75th anniversary. It was exactly 75 years ago this month that IBM delivered to the U.S. government the machines that were credited with making the program possible.  Connect to the Citizen IBM blog to learn all about it.






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