Instrumented Interconnecteds Intelligent

by Steven L. Canepa, General Manager, Global Media & Entertainment Industry

Today, customers zip from device to device, virtually shouting their likes, dislikes, needs, wants, and desires over the Internet – creating a noisy, cluttered, yet content-rich world, particularly in the media & entertainment industry. It will be no different at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (Sept. 6 – 16). Whether it’s about a new movie, a new director or actor and actress, consumers everywhere want to voice their opinions about what’s hot, what’s a must see and what’s going to tank at the movie theater.

The ability to analyze the social sentiment of the movies screened becomes even more important for independent movie producers – - like those previewing movies in Toronto. What if the writers and producers of “7 Boxes,” “Detroit Unleaded” or “Casting By” had insight into the viewers’ thoughts at that very moment? What if they were able to understand the audience, filter through positive, negative or sarcastic comments, and then integrate that data analysis to truly capture the voice of the crowd?

Social sentiment analysis can provide a level of insight that has the capacity to instantly change how a character is portrayed, how a scene is interpreted or even the overall success of the movie storyline – all based on the peaks and dips in social media chatter. Yet, more importantly, social sentiment can help the movie industry improve their marketing programs by offering insight into audience preferences in a way that has never been done before. As the Professor Jonathan Taplin, Director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab at USC, and member of the Academy states “It’s like having a million person focus group.”

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