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By Hyung Seok Kim

IBM Storage Platform Leader, IBM Korea

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME), one of South Korea’s “Big Three” ship builders, specializes in designing and constructing a diverse array of heavy marine equipment, including ships, offshore platforms and submarines. Its massive shipyard is one of the busiest on the planet, in seemingly constant motion with its 900-ton goliath crane moving vessels and equipment 24 hours a day.

The company has experienced dramatic growth since its founding in 1973, and its rapid growth has translated to a tsunami of digital information. From the amount of data being generated to design, develop, build, test and ship product, to the amount of information coming in from partners, suppliers, clients, and many more,  the company has been experiencing the challenges of Big Data, first hand.

All told, the amount of data DSME processes, manages is about 255TB (terabytes). That’s roughly the equivalent of all the printed works in the U.S. Library of Congress…times 25. Consider it the DSME dry dock for data.

What it needed was a smarter computing approach to the core of this data deluge, the main repository of the data, where it all goes: storage.

To help out, IBM is creating a storage infrastructure built around about a half dozen  advanced storage systems that work tightly with DSME’s existing and extensive business software systems, including human resources, financials, mail service, and the very management of the company’s data itself.

With the new storage infrastructure and its tight integration with the company’s business applications, DSME is hoping to better store, retrieve and analyze the information, but also help ensure readiness for disaster recovery.

DSME is counting on the new smarter storage infrastructure to help it achieve better management and access to information from its varied business units quickly and securely, and in the most efficient manner possible. In other words, thanks to the smarter approach to storage, DSME is hoping this rising tide of information will lift all of its business.

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