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Our scientists dreamed up the IBM Next 5 in 5, our 2012 forecast of inventions that will change your world in the next five years. The focus this year is on the coming era of cognitive systems, and how computers will mimic the senses. You voted. And the winner is Sight: A pixel will be worth a thousand words. The prediction garnered 37% of the votes, edging out Hearing: Computers will hear what matters.

In case you missed seeing the entire list, here are the other predictions:

Touch: You will be able to reach out and touch through your phone
Taste: Digital taste buds will help you to eat healthier
Smell: Computers will have a sense of smell

Join the Twitter conversation at #ibm5in5.

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January 15, 2013
11:12 am

[...] can look to large firms setting the pace in innovative technologies highlighted in IBM’s next 5 in 5 with a continued focus to foster a great culture of innovation while also embedding strong [...]

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