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Linda Sanford, IBM Senior Vice President, Enterprise Transformation

Linda Sanford, IBM Senior Vice President, Enterprise Transformation

By Linda Sanford

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent announcement of 16 new “early college” technology-focused high schools based on IBM’s P-TECH model has implications far beyond state borders. A national study by the Brookings Institution concludes that half of all STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) jobs are “middle skill” positions requiring postsecondary training but not a four-year degree. And the U.S. Department of Labor reports that the American economy will create 14 million new middle skill jobs over the next 10 years – on top of the 29 million jobs that exist right now.

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The time is right for community-minded employers to forge partnerships with educators and governments, heed President Obama’s call to reinvent American education, and strengthen the connection between education and jobs.

Read my op-ed in the Albany Times-Union for the full story about how visionary leadership and collaboration will help the nation’s young people realize their dreams for productive and prosperous futures.


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