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IBM_Research_thumbnail_12.11.2013Check your calendars for tomorrow morning, and plan on coming back and viewing this year’s 5 in 5,  predictions of five innovations that will rock your world within five years. Chosen by IBM Research scientists, this year’s innovations are rooted not in gee-whiz visions of the future but in projects we have underway in our labs today.

Each of the predictions will explore an aspect of one of the most important changes that’s coming to computing–the ability of machines to learn from their interactions with data and people. Such learning is part of the era of cognitive computing, which got its start with Watson’s victory on the TV quiz show Jeopardy! In the future, machines will increasingly learn, reason, predict the future and interact with people in ways that are more natural to us.

Last year, the 5 in 5 focused on another aspect of cognitive computing–the ability of machines to augment our senses. One of those predictions, about the use of a smart system to help chefs create novel and delicious recipes, has come a long way in just one year.

But innovation isn’t just for scientists and engineers. It will require a cast of thousands to invent the era of cognitive systems. So, to get the creative juices flowing, we’re conducting a contest (details to come on the blog tomorrow). We’re inviting students, entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, doctors, teachers, shopkeepers–anybody, really–to submit their best ideas for world-shifting uses for learning technologies.

So, come back tomorrow and immerse yourself in the world of the future.

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