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Jayaram K Iyer, Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer,

Jayaram K Iyer, Chief Strategy and Analytics Officer,

By Jayaram K Iyer

A concept unique to India, online matrimonial portals transformed the perception about the matchmaking process from ‘traditional ways’ to ‘unconventional and smarter methods.’

These portals have now evolved to cater to various segments of the population in the country. With matrimonial websites increasingly turning into a better option for the new generation in their search for potential mates, access to consumers’ real-time data has become critical. At, we generate a lot of data, which is increasing exponentially with time. Analyzing vast amounts of data within a short span of time has become challenging for us with evolving markets and changing audiences.

As one of the leading matrimonial internet conglomerates, with brands such as BharatMatrimony, AssistedMatrimony, EliteMatrimony, etc., and with over 8,000 customer visits a day, we need to ensure we meet the ever-growing demands of our customers.

Understanding the customer sentiments was also of utmost importance given the cultural norms in the society. The company was also facing challenges to identify potential customers in their existing database, which was pan-world and hence a combination of several micro segments. Additionally, we had a data challenge — customer data that we were receiving from multiple channels including email, SMS, banner ads (across the website), telesales and from retail centers.

We needed a solution that would identify our customers and help us target them with individual campaigns. In order to ensure better customer experience, we needed a solution that helps not only in providing access to clients’ real time data and analyzing it, but also maximize our innovative marketing efforts.

Over time, we realized that we needed an enterprise marketing solution that was cost effective and that would help place every customer at the center of our marketing efforts. Simply put: help the company target each customer with relevant information and as an individual.

Working with IBM, we will be able to achieve accurate results when it comes to targeting the right prospective and making the matchmaking process more effective. With the IBM ExperienceOne technologies, we are able to identify customers with effective and relevant messaging based on their interaction history with Additionally, we will use customers’ data meticulously to discover their perfect match credentials, and deliver integrated marketing messages to target potential partners.

More importantly, the solution enables a higher degree customer satisfaction as the discussion between the customer and telesales caller is more structured. The solution helps improve our customer’s experience remarkably and extend our marketing reach more effectively.

Today, we see an increased ability to process and interpret all the information effectively as well as to cater to our customers’ customized needs efficiently. No doubt, that the online business industry will continue to flourish in the years to come with technology that not just helps cater to current needs of the market but helps augment growth.

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