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Jeff Schick, VP, IBM Social Software

Jeff Schick, VP, IBM Social Software

By Jeff Schick

For more than 30 years, email has been stuck in a rut. It’s still basically a list of messages that we plow through all day, every day—in our private and professional lives.  The important stuff is hidden among the trivial and the routine. Sure, you can fiddle with rankings and do rudimentary searches, but, for all the time we spend dealing with our email, it’s one of the least-evolved computer activities around.  Think of it as a tax on your brain.

I probably speak for many people when I say that the first word that comes to mind when I think of email is “frustration.” Actually, the word that comes to mind is less polite than that. That high level of collective frustration is what drove a talented team of software engineers and user experience designers at IBM to reimagine the domain—putting people and relationships at the center of things.

To do so, they combined email, social networking, collaboration, analytics, security, cloud computing and mobile to produce what I consider to be the freshest vision of what’s possible in digital communications since email arrived on the scene all those decades ago.

Their work is being revealed for the first time today with the launch of IBM Verse, a new social collaboration offering that uses built-in analytics to give employees a new way to converse, find the right people and information fast, and get work done. That’s verse, as in a song or a poem—something brief and delightful.

In addition to creating an application that’s fun to use, we believe we have made something that will save people time, make them more productive, and enable them to express their ideas and creativity in powerful new ways.

Several versions of Verse will be offered to businesses and other organizations; a freemium version will be available.

Here’s a video about how Verse works. Believe me, words alone can’t do justice to the experience.

YouTube Preview Image

When you launch Verse, you will see a strip of photos across the top representing individuals, teams and topics.  You’ll click once to drill down, which will take you to emails, advanced search (the first instance of faceted search’ applied to the inbox), or content related to that individual, group or topic. Red dots on the photos signal that something demands your attention, so you’ll typically click on them first.

There’s a lot of flexibility in the way you can organize your screen, but I think many people will place in the middle those items demanding immediate attention and actions that you expect others to perform imminently.

On the left of the screen, there’s a short list of important to-do items or time conflicts. You can easily pin critical items there so you won’t forget them. On the right, typically, you’ll see items that are offered for your consideration by Verse’s analytics engine–which observes how you work and comes to conclusions about what’s important to you.

If you want to view your email the old-fashioned way, you can choose the inbox list view. Even so, you’ll be connected to all of the other new Verse features, including facet search and seamless connections to instant messaging, collaboration tools, forums, file sharing, blogs, and social networking.

Stripped down to the essence, Verse…

Here's Verse on iPhone

Here’s Verse on iPhone

–Understands you.  The analytics engine tracks what you do on email, in collaboration tools, and in social networks and is aware of your role in the company and of the people and tasks you deal with most often. In the not-too-distant future, we’ll embed the IBM Watson cognitive computing technology in Verse, so you’ll be able to ask questions and get deeply contextual answers in a matter of seconds.

–Reduces clutter. The most important people, topics and to-do items are pinned right there where you need them. One of the coolest features is the “Mute” button. After you have contributed to an email thread and don’t need to be included in the follow-up traffic, you and your inbox won’t be burdened with incremental messages. Every click and topic-line scan you shave off your email activities is a gift of time and concentration you give back to yourself.

–Brings the “me” to “we.” Verse enables you to click once to transfer a mail conversation into a more collaborative setting–such as a wiki, a blog or a discussion forum. It also helps you understand instantly your relationships with other people you interact with. You can click on a list of names included in an email or a teleconference invitation and see them arrayed graphically on the screen based on your relationship with them, their roles in the company, and the part they’re playing in a particular project. Mouse over a name to go deeper.

I believe that Verse represents a major leap forward in how people will collaborate and interact with one another.  Similar to the impact IBM had on the industry in 2007 when we launched the very first enterprise social collaboration platform. IBM Connections was the first software program to bring together mainstream collaboration and social sharing tools into a single, easy-to-use environment. It’s also one of the major reasons why IBM has been named the market share leader in enterprise social software for five consecutive years, according to IDC. Those just coming to this space now have a lot of catching up to do.

This is all part of a larger mission at IBM–our goal of helping organizations to change the way employees work, companies perform and industries operate. Other recent examples are our partnership with Apple to develop a new class of industry-specific business apps to transform enterprise mobility, the creation of Watson Analytics to put powerful yet easy-to-use predictive and visual analytics tools in the palm of peoples hands, and our global partnership with Twitter to transform how businesses and institutions understand their customers, markets and trends. In the case of Verse, we brought software programmers and computer scientists working alongside experts in product design and the visual to rethink email from the ground up–with input from many IBM clients.

IBM Verse is about engaging with the individual–helping to make peoples’ lives easier, more fun and more productive.

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combined email, social networking, collaboration, analytics, security, cloud computing and mobile to produce what I consider to be the freshest vision of what’s possible in digital communications

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November 13, 2015
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IBM Connections was the first software program to bring together mainstream collaboration and social sharing tools into a single, easy-to-use environment. It’s also one of the major reasons why IBM has been named the market share leader in enterprise social software for five consecutive years

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March 28, 2014: I have actually had the FrontPoint system for 6 months now, so I added
some long-lasting test notes regarding my experience listed below.

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P2p lending

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While technology will continue to be important, real connections are what make people want to use it.

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The “What Makes You Beautiful” hitmaker admitted he’s done some writing while using Madden Brothers and John Legend but he simply did it just to write.
Add your name to the mailing list to receive free goodies that may enhance your efforts between now and the
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At the bare minimum, they relax when you’re shopping, smke cigarettes, take a seat and talk, and at most they take independently ambitions, leaving your group
abbreviated periods of time. Medical equipment quality assurance Such troubles are hard
to handle and trace back if needed. This is additionally the reason that why industrial wireless items are
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On another hand, the true secret goal of monitoring
is finished through practically all. Most individuals who invest in scalping strategies do get a
maintenance contract made making sure that there is nothing to worry with
an entire year. Security cameras for home costco First
of burglaries are generally very quick and also the perpetrator might be long gone through
the time police officers or a burglar firm have arrived around the scene.

Here undoubtedly are a few tips to become taken while purchasing CCTV video cameras:.

They can alert the protection team in the facility in the event there is
usually a data theft by a worker.

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10 Buy Dell Inspiron 15 April Fools Largr 19 inch laptop screens are just turning
out to be discussed with consumers seeking to see 19 inch or possibly large models in the marketplace soon. At the conclusion of
the day, gaming notebook computers are all about power.
Dell inspiron 15 office

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The PCs they sell can be great for your price,
just make sure this doesn’t happen break, or you could be in a few hot water.
monitor, you are going to play in low-medium resolutions and tend not to need to spend a lot of on PC.
Ibuypower quality control As PC gangster games go this place
deserves a reboot, an as much as date version with many major improvements could do really well.

The biggest challenge going forward is going to be getting
customers to pay attention, and pulling them away
from your Android and Apple platforms. All computers need power,
and generally more power can provide more performance for your

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The latest Inspiron 1525 is a very good option for daily use and rough handling.
Walmart, Best Buy, Staples and Office Max, along with other stores, are offering some great deals on these electronic favorites for the 2013 Black Friday shopping season. The stakes
have been raised and HP is eager to grab its rightful share.

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HJC sportbike motorcycle helmets are produced by a Korean company at the forefront of helmet technology.
Once you have decided on your budget then you need to measure your head to get the
correct helmet size. Chuong writes articles about recreational vehicles, and outdoor activities.

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There is also a 12 months warranty for that model offered by the manufacturer.
You might have more than enough to get it camera extended, faraway from motorcycle helmet cover, and change the mounting approach
ought to you’ll need to. Rca to hdmi cable

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Straightforward sugars can generate an insulin spike and hence enhance protein assimilation. Add carbohydrates from fruits, veggie juice, flavoring agents (extracts, maple syrup,
cocoa powder, nut butters), oatmeal to flavor and give you eht energy
you may need. Protein powder to build muscle The best idea is usually to split your
body into three sections of opposing muscles and work on each group on alternate days.

You need to eat lots of calories if you need to gain some serious muscle
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lot more pure; its content has more protein with less
fat and lactose per serving.

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Inventions on this field gave rise to the emergence of the DVR systems.

As noted by the Rohan SDSU website, CCTV devices
are sensitive to knocks and will malfunction if interfered with in this way.
Cctv security dvr reviews Use of an low quality DVR or using software on the computer to connect with your cameras can cause

In standard a DVR can be obtained to go to labor proper out in the box.
Direc – TV DVR by Tivo, allows you to record one, or even two, shows on the same time.

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なん腰 カラコン 度あり 激安 紫 ディファインとかアイコフレも良いよ
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Other equally popular brands of laptops are Asus,
Dell, HP, Sony, and Toshiba. Essay Topics for College Students If you would like to write
an essay you should realize that Writing essays can be a serious work.
Good laptops for college students 2014 These were not like the laptops we understand today

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Whatever your reasons, if you’ve got begun shopping for any video surveillance system, you might have probably
realized it’s a pretty big task. You could get color night vision cameras or grayscale night vision cameras too.
Security cameras frys They add a monitor, DVR,
cameras and equipment to hook them up.

If they are dumb enough to aim a burglary they can be likely to acquire caught and prosecuted.

Also don’t plan for getting any security alarms system,
because we quite often decide on some system and
result in trouble.

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Kind of home security camera depends around the size on the business any manager is running.

The use with this gadget also keeps a tab on those who would like to try to secretly sneak into your community
given that they fear being caught because of the. Commercial
security cameras houston The general range from the wireless
routers also includes about 150-200 feet.

Individuals would like to risk-free their properties by using these solutions far too.
If you’ve a fake home security camera that doesn’t look like it
works in the evening but you might be using it during the night,
it is likely to stick out just like a sore thumb.

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Below are some of the significant elements inside wireless industry, applying hardware, fast growing companies, and wireless
services given by different companies. Make sure the height can be adjusted high enough to your needs.

Best stick vacuum cleaner You may know the best way to recycle your cellular phone, but
what over it’s chargers, headset, and battery.

Buying a house phone can be confusing these days with all of the choices like cordless frequencies,
answering systems and even headsets but add new terms and consumers could be lost.
Here are a few tips that it is possible to keep in mind
whenever you go shopping.

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It might be that Windows Vista has set your laptop Wi-Fi adapter to have a specific IP address or DNS Subnet mask.

The downside is always that wires and cables can develop into messy and may also easily

Every small-business owner should know how to protect
their Wi-Fi. This older and slower wireless connection will slow
your connection speeds even on your devices using 802.
Wifi extender netgear price Second, those devices must support gigabit Wi – Fi, like
the MIMO antenna systems as well as the greater data rates.

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Also yet another excellent tip, if you might be a do
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The Snake Plant is also referred to as the Mother In Law’s tongue, mainly because it has long sword shaped leaves with pointy tips.

Again, don’t over water it and provide it some diluted fertilizer.

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Does anyone still use Lotus Notes?

Yes – tons !! It’s evolved – and there are favorable paths to its current next gen product (IBM Verse) which is getting good adoption in 2015 (as it’s also closely aligned with IBM Connections Cloud (enterprise social network and collaboration platfo…

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Does anyone still use Lotus Notes?

And now called IBM Verse

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January 29, 2015
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[…] This article, by Jeff Schick, was originally published on  […]

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[…] we already use. Just this past week, #NewWayToWork was the top trending hashtag on Twitter with the roll out of a new brand of e-mail from IBM called “Verse.”And while next generation of e-mail may be how the solution is being explained, what is really […]

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December 1, 2014
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[…] we already use. Just this past week, #NewWayToWork was the top trending hashtag on Twitter with the roll out of a new brand of e-mail from IBM called “Verse.” And while next generation of e-mail may be how the solution is being explained, what is really […]

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November 24, 2014
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[…] we already use. Just this past week, #NewWayToWork was the top trending hashtag on Twitter with the roll out of a new brand of email from IBM called “Verse.” And while next generation of email may be how the solution is being explained, what is really […]

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November 19, 2014
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[…] “I believe that Verse represents a major leap forward in how people will collaborate and interact with one another,” IBM Social Software Vice President Jeff Schick wrote in a blog post. […]

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