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January, 21st 2015

ICE chefs, including Creative Director Michael Laiskonis, prepare a Baltic Herring Salad at the Chef Watson cookbook preview dinner in New York.

ICE chefs, including Creative Director Michael Laiskonis, prepare a Baltic Herring Salad at the Chef Watson cookbook preview dinner in New York.

By Florian Pinel

IBM Watson, the same cognitive computing system that has been put to work in healthcare, insurance, and retail, and which debuted the world’s first cognitive cooking food truck at SXSW last year, will soon be coming to your kitchen counter in the form of a new cookbook put together by IBM and The Institute of Culinary Education (ICE).

The cookbook is a result of IBM’s two-year collaboration with culinary partner, ICE, to pair the recipe expertise of world-class chefs with the cognitive power of Watson to generate never-before-seen recipes, many of which will be included in the cookbook, available April 14.

SP Watson CookbookOn the evening of January 20, ICE hosted a private preview dinner with press and influencers, where we served a sampling of some of our best creations, the recipes to which will be available in the new cookbook. The dinner featured eight tasting courses, including two Watson-inspired cocktails.

Each course was introduced by ICE chefs who discussed the experience of working with Watson, as well as the evolution of each recipe. The Hoof-n-Honey Ale Cocktail, for example, was a particularly interesting combination as Watson suggested combining an IPA, burgundy wine (which the mixologists turned into a foam) and veal stock.

The point behind this cookbook effort is not simply to inspire people with recipes that will wow dinner guests with unusual ingredient combinations. It’s also been a journey to discover the versatility of cognitive computing, and more specifically, what are the “ingredients” needed to generate new innovations and ideas.

Through Watson, IBM demonstrated how a computer could understand and reason across vast amounts of data to provide experts with evidence-based answers. As part of our continued research we wanted to know if Watson could help us come up with brand new knowledge and answers. Going from making inferences about the world to generating new ideas is what led us to begin collaborating with professional chefs at ICE, to develop strategies to implement computational creativity in the culinary arts, and we are now using these lessons for other domains where innovation, discovery and design are necessary.

Starting in the food domain, we showed how Watson could ingest vast amounts of culinary data; understand content and flavor profiles; analyze incredibly large numbers of ingredient combinations; summarize their meaning and discover their underpinning relationships; in this case, unique and tasteful ingredient pairings. Our chef partners then provided feedback on the system’s ingredient choices, delivering creative recipes that translated into flavorful dishes and ultimately showing the possibilities of human and machine collaboration. Austrian Chocolate Burrito anyone? How about a Vietnamese Apple Kebab to pique your culinary curiosity and taste buds? To test out some of the first recipes that the Chef Watson and ICE collaboration has cooked up so far, visit: IBM/Cognitive Cooking

Florian Pinel

Florian Pinel, Senior Software Engineer, Watson Life & Cognitive Cooking

In the future, we hope to be able to incorporate this breakthrough computational creativity into cognitive-based apps that can help foodies truly customize their recipes based on lifestyle and preferences, such as finding creative, tasty ways to work around dietary restrictions, for example.

Until then, we are excited to bring our collection of brand new, never-before-seen recipes created by IBM Watson and the world-class chefs of ICE to culinary enthusiasts everywhere on April 14. Be one of the first to gain access to a whole new world of innovative ingredient pairings and get a taste of what cognitive computing can do for you.

Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson: Recipes for Innovation from IBM & the Institute of Culinary Education is available for pre-order via Amazon here.

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Posted by: projectbrainsaver
February 6, 2015
10:30 am

Very interesting and different way to apply IBM’s Watson abilities. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Posted by: Joanna Escanio
February 2, 2015
4:10 am

One of the biggest issues that anyone with a food allergy or intolerance faces on a daily basis is cross-contamination of allergens in food made on food production lines where the allergen is not part of the recipe. Nuts and peanuts are a particular problem as they can kill in as little as ten minutes and the only defence that sufferers have is to avoid foods that ‘may contain’ the allergen. I would like to see Watson’s talents put into designing machinery and processes for the food industry that would eliminate the risk of cross contamination in foods on production lines.

Posted by: Susan Manning
January 30, 2015
2:59 pm

Love the ideas already posted on next editions to include recipe specialty diets to liven up traditional menus. It should not be difficult for Watson to focus on foods for those with diabetes; allergies to gluten, lactose, peanuts, and soy. Not to mention a Vegan version. I’d love to see cuisine fusion driving the recipes too. The possibilities are endless.

Posted by: kathy
January 30, 2015
5:53 am

Its so good to see that incredible resources are used for useless things…

Posted by: Szabolcs
January 30, 2015
5:16 am

Looking forward to trying these recipes!

Posted by: Aswin
January 30, 2015
12:37 am

This is really cool, the bacon pudding should be popular with reditors. However, I agree that most recipes contain gluten, lactose and sugar, which have been getting a bad rap lately. Would be interesting given the green/raw/local food movements to see whether in the future Watson could incorporate food trends into his work with this, I’m sure if he could the hipsters would love it.

Posted by: Sharon
January 29, 2015
6:52 pm

I would be interested in an hour-long technical presentation about the Chef Watson project. How did you ingest content? How did you train Watson? How did you interface with him to create the recipes? What were some of the missteps along the way?

Posted by: Mary Elle
January 29, 2015
5:21 pm

I like the idea of using some recipes in our on-site cafeterias. Use for those with health conditions or preferences is the real impact for Chef Watson.

Posted by: Barbara
January 28, 2015
12:33 pm

Looking forward to trying these recipes!

Posted by: Kate
January 28, 2015
11:17 am

Wonderful and excellent as always. One quick idea.., this Watson cookbook can be linked with Healthcare(especially Food and Dietary – Hospitals) department. So, that based on the given symptoms of patients the Watson Cook book can recommend the diet and recommended food items with right precision of ingredients mix…

Posted by: Jiten
January 28, 2015
10:30 am

Just pre-ordered mine too!

Posted by: Don Cook
January 28, 2015
6:21 am

Incredible power of Watson. Looking forward to this cookbook.

Posted by: Sumita Patra
January 28, 2015
5:55 am

Looking forward to the vegetarian cookbook

Posted by: Ann Schroyens
January 28, 2015
12:48 am

Hello, how can we buy this cookbook ?

Posted by: Domoina
January 27, 2015
7:14 pm

There are many people who have food allergies and intolerances. For example, I am gluten intolerant and allergic to nuts & soy. Nearly all gluten free recipes include some form of nut or soy product. What a great thing it would be to have a system that could make appropriate substitutions in recipes based on a user’s requirements. I hope this is a Watson can build me a future of good food!

Posted by: Peter Robinson
January 27, 2015
2:00 pm

Why not try these recipes in the IBM restaurants and cafeterias around the world?

Posted by: Patric
January 27, 2015
12:21 pm

Just pre-ordered mine !!

Posted by: Flavia
January 27, 2015
8:14 am

I just preordered mine on Amazon. I can’t wait to get it and try out these recipes!

Posted by: Rebecca Webb
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March 17, 2015
1:01 pm

Delicious to have

Its good to have this, how to order on this recipe?

Posted by: My Blog
January 22, 2015
5:16 pm

[…] “The point behind this cookbook effort is not simply to inspire people with recipes that will wow dinner guests with unusual ingredient combinations,” explains Florian Pinel, senior Watson Life software engineer in a post on IBM’s A Smarter Planet blog. […]

Posted by: Recipes created by IBM supercomputer to hit book shelves in spring - Presshook News
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