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April, 30th 2015

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By Jeff Schick

Twenty years is a long time. But it can seem like a millennium in the world of tech, especially when you consider the myriad advances that have come along over the years and the speed with which they’ve transformed business and society.

But among the revolutions and evolutions, mobile technology is arguably one of the most interesting. Not only has the device and network technologies evolved rapidly, leading to amazing scale and adoption – and transforming societies and industries, along the way – but the function and use of the device continues to change.

Research varies slightly, but most reports conclude that the vast majority of mobile users today use their smartphones primarily for email, and then texting, rather than talking.

The change is remarkable when you think of how thrilled we were in mid-to-late 1990’s to be able to call home from the train, the bus, or the car, to let people know we were running late, or early…or to just to say, “Hi.”

IBM Verse iPhone App.

IBM Verse iPhone App.

It’s definitely a new day…again.

A few weeks ago, my division rolled out what we believe is one of the most socially-evolved messaging solutions that anyone has seen. IBM Verse is a cloud-based email system infused with analytics to make “messaging,” not just email, more efficient and in tune with users’ work and social lives.

After all, email is not supposed to be work, yet, businesses around the world send more than 100 billion of them each day. We think Verse is going to change that dynamic and start bringing real order to people’s organizations, workgroups, and yes, their inboxes.

Today we made available the iPhone app for IBM Verse. Although you can run Verse on handheld devices today, this is an app that’s optimized to run the software. So the look and feel and usability experience is tremendous. In addition, we put Android and iPad apps into beta today. Those should be ready later this quarter.

Jeff Schick, General Manager, Enterprise Social Solutions, IBM

Jeff Schick, General Manager, Enterprise Social Solutions, IBM

If you haven’t signed up to experience Verse, it’s easy. You can register to try IBM Verse Basic, a no-cost option to IBM Verse, at

Or, if you have a paid license to Verse, you can download the IBM Verse mobile app for Apple iPhone directly from the Apple App Store. Note that initially the mobile app is available for paid subscriptions to IBM Verse only.

As the tech industry marches on and innovations abound, mobile computing and messaging will continue to be in lock step aiding and advancing the way people connect.

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September 5, 2016
3:47 am

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June 15, 2016
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June 15, 2016
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Posted by: تست جوش
July 6, 2015
7:30 am

10 years ago no one would have imagined mobile telephony having such an impact as it has today. Each passing day comes with new ideas and new innovations in this field.
10 year from today…? We can only wait and see.

Posted by: UON LIB
June 30, 2015
4:46 am

In East Africa, Kenya is the leading country in the usage of mobile phones. kenyans use this gadget to not only communicate but to conduct mobile money transactions. its is interesting to see just how much mobile phones have evolved lives of Kenyans.

Posted by: Terry
June 24, 2015
9:24 am

how do you come up with all those new tech? could you like to share your ideas to the people of the entire world so that every one can benefit fro m your skills in one way or the other? please i would like to know.

Posted by: Juliana Katuku
June 10, 2015
5:15 am

I never stop to ask myself how people come up with such applicable technologies

Posted by: agrieconomics
May 11, 2015
1:29 am

What is the USP of Verse?

Posted by: Rajeev
May 9, 2015
9:19 am

I have regsisted for this more than a month ago and still nothing… is this ever coming out?

Posted by: Darren
May 8, 2015
3:48 pm

Sounds like Worse

Posted by: Xijin
May 8, 2015
9:14 am

When is the Android version coming out?

Posted by: terri
May 8, 2015
1:42 am

waiting for Android app come out

Posted by: Long
May 5, 2015
3:08 pm

Now days more than 75% traffic comes from mobile and tablet users. Now world some popular sites also planed to shutdown the web base site permanently and totally focus on Mobile base.

There is more scope if all big companies more focus on Mobile revolution.

Posted by: Veer Bhai
May 3, 2015
3:35 pm

Mail is still an old machine in todays technology and needs to be disrupted as soon possible ..

Posted by: David Morn
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