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Jeff Marshall, CIO, Havas Creative North America

Jeff Marshall, CIO, Havas Creative North America

By Jeff Marshall

When you think of marketing and advertising, the common thread between them is clear: communication. One group seeks to effectively communicate a message to another group. It’s pretty simple.

At Havas, one of the leading international marketing agencies in the world, communication is our lifeblood. But the discipline continues to evolve. Massive shifts in technology and society dictate that we – that everyone – rethink and advance the way we all communicate.

In a report we released last year called The New Consumer and the Sharing Economy, we unearthed some profound statistics about people and the way their lives and business operations were changing as a result of three things: overconsumption, new technologies and newly accepted behaviors.

For example, many of the more than 10,000 people surveyed (70 percent) felt that overconsumption was putting our planet and society at risk. To that end, two thirds of the people surveyed said they plan to “rid themselves of unneeded possessions at least once a year.”

According to the report, this phenomenon of consuming “too much stuff,” has spurred a vibrant economy of sharing, from cars to pets. The result will be a coming wave of smarter consumerism, in which people are smarter and more strategic about determining what and when they buy, and when they will share.

The data point to a clear, growing attitude of community-mindedness. It’s no longer about “every man for himself.” Our global respondents – especially young and digitally-forward consumers – are realizing benefits to collaborating in everything from what they buy to how they work. Nearly half our global respondents said they’d rather share their belongings than own them, compared with just 22 percent who disagreed.

The IBM Verse landing page, which integrates in one environment email, social, people important to you, collaboration, file sharing and a real-time calendar bar at the bottom.

The IBM Verse landing page integrates in one environment email, social, file sharing, people important to you across the top, and a real-time calendar bar along the bottom.

Email is a technology that has changed very little since its incarnation more than 30 years ago. But the effects of the collaboration movement are visible here, too. I see the same spirit of community and collaboration in a new messaging solution we’re beginning to deploy from IBM, called Verse. This email system is designed for sharing, with one-click connections to social pages and blogs. It will allow our people to work together in new and more seamless ways. Graphically, it’s like nothing we’ve ever seen—easy to use and intuitive.

And because the system is cloud-based with a fast search capability, I need not be concerned with archiving and storing emails in separate folders any longer, which can be very time consuming. Truly, the solution has changed the way I work by affording me more time to spend on work—and not on email.

As we usher in and prepare for the changing economy and the move toward a world of increasingly smarter consumers who value community and collaboration, new technologies like these will be at the forefront of the evolution.

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Nice article. I couldn’t agree more regarding your message and the future of communication and cloud computing. However, the cloud is simply the vehicle or tool to enhance the communication. The goal is the communication itself and the change in the culture to get to that end. Humans resist change by design (in IT anyway). It is our job as IT Professionals to bridge the gap and ensure a smooth transition. Something as simple as the email folder you mentioned, could be a large change in the way someone works and they would need to adapt to it and realize the benefit of the new path. Great job on the blog.

Posted by: Chuck Tauken
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