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Sandy Carter, IBM General Manager for Cloud Ecosystem and Developers

Sandy Carter, IBM General Manager for Cloud Ecosystem and Developers

By Sandy Carter

According to Evans Data Corporation there are currently more than 20 million developers around the world, less than 25 percent of which are developing for cloud. But not for long. The ranks of cloud developers is expected to soar over the next five years to 25 million, according to IDC, as more and more application development moves to the cloud.

Against this backdrop we introduced a new platform to enable the next generation of developers to learn and leverage IBM Cloud technologies, to mentor them and provide hands-on experiences that propel radical ideas and innovation in cloud.

In addition, we also announced the new Academic Initiative for Cloud which introduces students to the latest cloud technologies and solutions as they build the transferrable skills needed to launch their own businesses or become industry leaders in the workforce. The program creates cloud development curricula using Bluemix, IBM’s platform-as-a-service, in over 200 universities, reaching more than 20,000 students in 36 countries.

Starting this fall, these universities will commence more than 250 courses and programs that will utilize educational materials, technologies and methodologies from IBM with a focus on using Bluemix in a variety of courses ranging from computer science, information technology, analytics and data science to mobile and entrepreneurship.

The use of Bluemix in the classroom allows faculty to extend their teaching beyond theory and into practice.

Enabling educators to bring new hands-on experiences around cloud application development into their curricula, and not rely simply on lectures or demos of cognitive capabilities such as Watson Analytics or Internet of Things applications, but rather actually put these technologies into the hands of students directly.

To underscore developer choice and skill development of open source technologies as key tenets of cloud innovation, we are also releasing 50 projects to the open source community to speed enterprise adoption and spur a new class of cloud innovations around mobile, analytics and other high-growth areas. DeveloperWorks Open, is a cloud-based environment for enterprise developers to access emerging IBM technologies, technical expertise and collaborate with a global network of developers to accelerate projects.

Additionally, since diversity drives innovation, and with only 14% of computer science graduates being women today, down from 37% in 1984, we are also leveraging Bluemix to empower women in technology by expanding our relationship with Girls Who Code and forming a new collaboration with GSVlabs on the ReBoot Accelerator for Women to address the lack of women in technology professions.

By putting Bluemix in the hands of today’s and tomorrow’s innovators, we have the opportunity to expand the reach of the academic community and foster a new generation of talent in cloud application development.

These programs will empower all developers, male and female, young and old, from university campuses to start-up offices, and create a robust ecosystem of talent for the future of cloud development a much needed piece for sustained growth of the cloud industry.

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