Instrumented Interconnecteds Intelligent
March 23rd, 2015

Inhi Cho Suh, IBM Analytics

Inhi Cho Suh, Vice President Strategy & Business Development, IBM Analytics

Kris Lovejoy, Chief Information Security Officer, IBM

Kris Lovejoy, Chief Information Security Officer, IBM

By Inhi Cho Suh and Kris Lovejoy

Innovation is born out of people thinking differently and from the various perspectives each person brings to the table. And it’s up to companies to create an environment where diversity of thought is valued – where employees feel comfortable stepping outside the mainstream and taking risks. We need to encourage employees to be open, curious and ask questions. Urge them to think deeply and challenge the conventional thinking. They need to be able to take chances and experiment and ask the question that everyone else is too embarrassed to ask. If they make a mistake, challenge them to step back and learn from the experience. Encourage them to view every process, policy or financial hurdle as an “opportunity” as opposed to a barrier. These diverse viewpoints are the very fuel of innovative thinking. Continue Reading »

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