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January 2015 Detorit Michigan North American International Auto Show

The American super car, Falcon F7, at the North American International Auto Show this week in Detroit.

By Benjamin Stanley

If recent vehicle sales are any indication, the automotive industry has seen a resurgence of energy in recent years.

However, selling cars, and cars alone, is not going to sustain this renewed momentum and automakers and their partners will have to weather the transformative forces rising up around them. The good news, is that if you look closely, it will become clear that a new industry identity is emerging—one that is more inclusive and without borders.

It is with this new identity in mind that we decided to investigate what the automotive industry will look like in 10 short years. Continue Reading »

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July 25th, 2013

Bill Liao, co-founder CoderDojo

Bill Liao, co-founder CoderDojo

By Bill Liao

The great Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Yet in a time when nearly all human activity is reliant on the magic of computer software, entire generations of kids are not learning to program until far too late, and the dropout rate for computer science degrees is routinely 50 percent. We have a global shortage of good programmers, and many startup companies simply fail for want of decent programming talent.

I co-founded CoderDojo two years ago to address this crisis and it has had a phenomenal impact. But it needs more supporters to continue its mission. Continue Reading »

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July 16th, 2013

Angel Diaz,

Angel Diaz, VP, IBM Software Standards

By Angel Diaz

In my 20 years of experience in IT I have seen nothing moved as rapidly or with such market disruption as cloud computing. I’ve witnessed the emergence of the Web, the growth of HTML and the transformational introduction of e-business. With each technology shift there are those organizations that evolve, embrace change and thrive – and those that do not. When a technology as dynamic and fast moving as cloud takes off, the ability to journey with it, remaining nimble and flexible as it evolves, is key.

Such flexibility requires open standards.

Continue Reading »

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