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Tom Rosamilia, Senior Vice President IBM Systems and Technology Group

Tom Rosamilia, Senior VP
IBM Systems and Technology Group

By Tom Rosamilia

Cloud computing offers businesses and individuals another way to do important work — on computers that they don’t always own or manage. The cloud transforms computing into a utility, like electricity or water. It’s all about speed and convenience.

Many organizations are operating large cloud data centers packed with hundreds of thousands of server computers, and their technologists are looking for ways to differentiate their services from their competitors while reducing complexity.  Today, many of them use technologies that originated in the personal computing era to power their data centers. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach that’s out of sync with the demands of the cloud era.  In addition, these organizations still face critical issues like system utilization and management complexity.  The ideal approach is a “lights out” model and technologies that support that model.

In an effort to progress cloud computing, IBM is announcing, today, the OpenPOWER Consortium – a new initiative aimed at expanding the technology choices available to modern IT developers. This is a big step for us—and for the tech industry. We hope it will usher in a new wave of innovation that will deliver great benefits to businesses and other users of cloud services. Continue Reading »

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