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(Image: Wayne Watrach, Visual Media, IBM)

By Suman Mukherjee and Forsyth Alexander

As the world waits anxiously for the fourth installment of the popular Jurassic Park movie series to be released Friday, we thought it would be fun to look into the social buzz for the upcoming summer blockbuster.

As fans, we were curious about things like, where the most Twitter chatter was happening, how tweets were breaking down by gender, overall sentiment, peak times for chatter, and more.

So we uploaded some Twitter data about Jurassic World into Watson Analytics, IBM’s natural-language cloud-based analytics service, and within minutes began unearthing pretty interesting insights, such as: the country with the most tweets so far is Chile; on the whole, women are tweeting more than men; and Portugal has the highest number of positive tweets, but also the most negative. Continue Reading »

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Artist Stephen Holding paints a mural for recent World of Watson event.

Artist Stephen Holding paints a mural for recent World of Watson event.

By Ying Li

In the same way ingredients connote flavors, colors and images can indicate moods and send messages.

This concept is driving new research here at IBM to better understand color relationships and their potential impact on everything from product design to classroom layouts.

Machines have been able to render different colors since the first color monitors. With a mix of code numbers for red, green, and blue, a computer knows that “0, 0, 0” equals black, that “255, 255, 0” is yellow, and so on. Other codes represent hue, saturation, and brightness of a color as well. Continue Reading »

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SP Mueller Green Roof cf_ivy_green

Mueller Inc.’s Ivy Green metal roof, one of many in the company’s portfolio.

By Mark Lack

Extreme. Severe. These are two of the more common words used to describe the weather here in Texas and the southern plains.

This part of the country can go from drought like conditions one day to tornadoes and hail the next. The month of May itself has the highest average of tornadoes for the state with 277 (1995 – 2014). In fact this past Friday storms and tornadoes ripped through parts of Texas and Oklahoma unloading larger-than-baseball hail as they passed.

This kind of weather can be both dangerous and destructive. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety ranked Texas No. 2* on its Top 10 list of states with the most property damage last year, with $23.7 billion between 2006 and 2013.

It’s one of the reasons Mueller Inc. is in business. As a manufacturer of steel buildings and metal roofs our products keep people and property a little safer. In fact, because our products can resist hail so well, customers can qualify for up to a 35% discount on Texas homeowner’s insurance. Continue Reading »

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SP New Way to Startup Competition 4 19

Stephen Garten, Chairty Charge; John Guydon, Lassy Project; Lauren Foster, Stretch Recipes; Jordan Monroe, Owlet Baby Care; Aaron Horowitz, Sproutel; & Chelsea Krost, The MPulse

By Maria B. Winans

When we set out to create a fun and educational program that would spotlight millennial start-ups that were founded with a social conscious to improve society, I had no idea we would encounter such intense levels of passion, commitment and clarity of thought.

But that’s exactly what we got.

This week we kick off the second phase of the New Way to Startup competition and webisode series, a five-day accelerator among five young start-ups will compete to see which one can produce the biggest breakthrough for their company using the latest social and analytics tools and leveraging expert business advice from onsite business pros. Continue Reading »

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