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July 9th, 2009

Andy illustrates the usage of Twitter right in his private home. The magic of status changes that could be included into a business process or simply help to be informed.

Follow the house on Twitter via: @andy_house or Andy directly via @andysc

(via “Das twitternde Haus” and “School Networking“)

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February 17th, 2009

The companion to this blog, our Smarter Planet site on Tumblr, is what feeds the "Related Discussions Across the Internet" links in the left hand navigation.

As Tumblr aptly describes its platform, if a blog is more like a journal or longer-form discussion format, a "tumblelog" is more like a scrapbook. Posts are brief, multimedia and in our case, cover the waterfront of news, developments, sites, insights and examples of how a smarter planet is emerging. Our goal is to give people a broad feel for what smarter planet means, and how widely it is taking shape.

And now we've i
mplemented a version of the site optimized for mobile devices.  So be sure to add to your iPhone, Blackberry or other device bookmarks.

Of course, this mobile iteration isn't just a convenience for the rapidly growing ranks of mobile internet users. The explosion of web-enabled smartphones and other handheld devices loaded with sensors such as cameras, microphones and GPS chips is one of the most salient signs of the "internet of things" and "ubiquitous computing" that is central to what Smarter Planet is all about.

Jack Mason
IBM Global Business Services, Strategic Programs & Social Media Innovation

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December 2nd, 2008

As we expand our social media outreach for Smarter Planet, we will begin to feature and point to other bloggers who are thinking and investigating issues related to intelligent infrastructure. (Please feel free to recommend, via comments here, blogs and sites that we should connect with.)
Here’s one example from the Healthnex blog, on wearable healthcare devices and a home monitering system developed by Intel.

You can also sift through several years of Healthnex posts on topics related to smarter planet such as "e-health trends," healthcare IT innovations, clinical decision support systems and genomics.

JackbhiheadJack Mason
IBM Global Business Services

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