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About this Blog


Building a smarter planet is a blog intended to provide readers with a place to talk the issues raised within the content. It is our hope that you will feel compelled to share some of the things you see, read and hear on this blog with your friends, family and peers. This blog is not going to deliver final answers to the issues raised, but we hope it acts as a starting point for conversations about how we can make our planet smarter.

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We hope everyone feels comfortable commenting here on A Smarter Planet. We encourage discussion and debate, which implicitly means disagreement at times. And that’s fine with us. Just keep in mind that we don’t allow:

  • offensive or suggestive language
  • personal attacks on anyone
  • anonymous posting
  • wildly off-topic comments

If we see what we deem as violating one of those rules, we reserve the right to delete the comment. Otherwise, we encourage your participation.