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No magic here, this is CeBIT 2011 in Hanover, Germany and we will blog live from the show floor all week.

IBM CeBIT 2011 booth

Today’s highlight, 3D Chip Stacking.  A project conceived at the IBM Research lab in Zurich.

The concept is simple. Energy consumption is a major challenge in the development of future IT systems. Innovative water-cooling technologies offer a promising route to reduce energy consumption sustainably. In a first-of-a-kind project with the ETH Zurich, IBM has built the first hot-water-cooled supercomputer called Aquasar. Aquasar consumes up to 40% less energy and redirects the heat to the ETH’s buildings. Another similar IBM system is in planning: A 3-petaflop supercomputer for the Leibniz-Supercomputing Centre in Munich.

In the future, liquid-cooled 3D chips promise to boost energy efficiency and performance even further. Scientists at IBM Research – Zurich have demonstrated the scalability of the cooling for such stacks of chip layers. In test devices, water was routed through the individual layers in tiny channels measuring only about 50 microns wide. In this way, a 3D chip stack – which generates several times more heat than a single processor on almost the same amount of space – was efficiently cooled, paving the way for future supercomputers the size of a sugar cube.

If you are at CeBIT come check out the demo in Hall 2.

3D Chip Stacking is a promising alternative

3D Chip Stacking is a promising alternative

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March 1, 2011

We have a UBS data center just in front of our house – I could check that out occasionally ;)

Posted by: Taru Koch
February 28, 2011

amazing stand at CeBIT!

Posted by: dms
February 28, 2011

Good question. There could be a time in the future where the heat from a local data center could be pumped to your house, cutting your energy costs.

Posted by: Chris Sciacca
February 28, 2011

Thanks for sharing this Chris and I am looking forward to your posts from CeBIT – I have the feeling being a bit LIVE in Hanover, too ;)
Any guesses (or research being done) what could be the Aquasar for private households?

Posted by: Taru Koch
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