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Man muss sicherlich nicht Bergsteigen um ein guter Manager (bei IBM) zu sein. Wenn man jedoch so wie ich seit über 30 Jahren in den Bergen der Welt rumkraxelt (am liebsten mit Skis), für den Schweizer Alpenclub führt und seit 10 Jahren (internationale) Managementpositionen innehat, dann ergeben sich doch einige interessante Analogien.

Ein guter Manager muss den planerisch-strategischen (=intellektuellen) Teil seines Jobs genauso beherrschen wie die Umsetzung dessen, was er da geplant hat (= mit Hand anlegen). Das ist beim Bergsteiger nicht anders, vor allem wenn es um Expeditionen ausserhalb der Alpen geht, da muss man schon ein wenig vorausdenken, was man so an Material braucht, mit wem man es vor Ort zu tun hat und was es an Alternativen gibt, wenn was nicht nicht so läuft wie gedacht (und das kommt vor!).  Mit der richtigen Vorbereitung erhöht man also die Chancen, das Ziel zu erreichen, ganz erheblich.

Bei der Umsetzung eines Projekts für das man als Manager verantwortlich ist oder einer Expedition, die man leitet, gibt es es eine Menge Dinge, die im Prinzip identisch sind:
- Verantwortung tragen und nicht gleich paniken, wenn’s brenzlig wird.
- Entscheidungen treffen und nicht aussitzen, das kann zumindest beim Bergsteigen dazu führen, dass man nicht mehr runterkommt.
- Sein Handwerk verstehen, nur im “Warmen sitzen” und nicht mit anpacken können/wollen kommt nicht gut an und macht auch keine Spass.
- Effektives Teaming zulassen/fördern.
- Riskio aktiv und kontinuierlich managen, und zwar nicht nur intuitiv, sondern systematisch.
- Einfach durchhalten und nicht aufgeben, denn ermüdende, desillusionierte Momente gibt’s immer.
- Ueber ein hohes Mass an Eigenmotivation und Leidenschaft verfügen.

Ich lerne also von meiner Bergsteigerei für’s Management und umgekehrt. Ueber Feedback freut sich

Euer Christian

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November 1, 2015

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November 23, 2014

Through which you can alkso reduce carbon footprint and the
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Mebon and his team showed that photonics
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especially the state government, many are beginning too ssee the benefits
of gaining power from the sun, getting rid of their
old poer sources in exchange for cheaper, cleaner renewable energy.
They create generally similar energy for yur
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Fourth day of the sale of Qinghai suddenly called to say the staff downstairs in my house, I said, only half an hour to goo home, I must
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A commercial solar system can quickly pay for itself in the amount of money you will save, not to mention other benefits
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Requirement: Regardless of where you are located, you simply doo not need external power for operating the solar water pumps.
Consummers to purchase goods or recxeiving services, the right to quality assurance,
reasonable prices, accurate measures, such as fair trade conditions, the
right to refuse compupsory transacction off business operators.
Your lights along with home appliances are usually
rated bby how many Wtts they willl use. If I am parked where there iis no access to plug inn for shore power,
the generator is needed too supply the oven, toaster, microwave etc.,
including the need too charge the onboard house batteries.

The manufacturer selling solar cells and panels can give
you more detailed solar energy facts. The Sun due to its distance has become
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It will not just preserve you funds inside of the long-run but will aloso generate
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Floolrs should be covered with a cool surface, like tile.
There are some of the best companies like Marin County Solar
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Thee solar battewry cells trap the solar energy and utilize it for different types of energy

It’s fantyastic that you can enjoy no-cost electricity once tthe
initial investment is made. Given the very low prices of photovoltaic today
and hefty government rebates and incentives, return of investments are expected
in a little less than 5 years and with a general
lifespan of 20 to 25 years,solarpanels will save you
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and more oon ging green, isn’t it time you install solar screens on your
home, cutting the cost in half by making them yourself?
They can be used when they camp in the remote places. Onlyy fairly recently in ouur history as a species haas mankind begun to realize the
importance of the sun as a potential source of clean, renewable power that ffar exceeds our world-wide
energy usage. Third generation cells further diminish price, since tey use a
lower temperature process, yeet they are currently not as efficient.

These kits are also identified as Diy solar panel kits.

It is a fact that most of houses around the world use lights to illuminate their gardens or porches for beautification aas well as security
purposes. As far aas solar powered cars go – their slower speed
might not appeal to everyone cauight up in today’s rat race.
After all, fiction stories have acted as a source of inspiration for any ambitious voyages/ventures in thee field
of space exploration. Each city earmarks funds due to its own alternative vitality presents.
Solar billoard lights are a perfect remedy for thijs problem as
they not only provide lighting around billboards but also save businesses hundreds of Dollars each year on electricity bills
and hel a great deal in conserving electricity which
would in turn conserve non renewable energy resources.

In addition, silicon has a relatively higher manufacturing
cost. So you have to decide if you think it is finically feasible for your situation. A new trial double pacck solar power system
will soon be launched iin the city tto produce both hsat energy and electricity under one system to
save roof space and money. You can see how much you spend per kilowatt hour during the different times of the year, plus how often your elrctric compan raises rates.
Low Cost and Easy Availability: An important advantge of the solar water pumps is that these aare available at an affordable price.
Most of the solar pumps come with fixing attachments
to help you install the solar panel in the correct place
to get the maximum amount of sun, these can bee mounting brackets or even some
type of smal stakes to position and secure thee panel.

This would be the besdt direction for the boss to face in the given circumstances so it is advisable to turnn
your table and face northeaat if your cabin is located in west.This varies depending
on the manufacturer and you should always cjeck what charging voltage is required
before you buuy batteries aand a battery charger. The fabric is able
to be bent over 200 times and since the entirdety of the
‘threads’ is coated iin photo active material, can collect solar energy
from both sides. You will also find thaqt this type
of pump will be a bit more powerful than the submersible version, but with the extra
power there comes an extra cost, these pumps will generally be more expensive to purchase than submersible pumps.
If we could spend even a portion of the persistence invested on the space program or
other initiatives such as the development of the atomic blast wwe
would have this done before you know it. Though no serious incidences have occurred the doubt
in its quality iss enough to announce a full recall.

So, best of luck with your Mars project! On tthe other hand,
the solar photovoltaic system gathers sun rays
directly and transfers it into solar electricity power with help of a semi conductor medium
of silicon. In previous times the sun’s energy was only ussed for biological processes.
Telemarketing / Surveys – One of the tried, tested and most effective methhods of data collection is through
telemarketing, especially in the solar business.
In some states, if you have started using solar energy for power consumption, you will be eligible to receive
cerrtain amount off tax rebates from the government.

The break downn in that line of thinkinbg is that most people on the street are no
more likely capable of building an electric generator than they are a solar

Before investing inn a solar energy system, determine the cost of installation.

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October 14, 2014

You feel burned, damaged. Hoow many couples do you know who werde madly in love in the beginning off their
relationship? Also, as children are like sponges,
they absorb all the negativity and silent rage and continue the cycle of self-loathing and passivity in their
own relationships. They either askk for forgiveness over and over, prromising never to do itt again.
How To End A Long Term Relationship Gently We all know how pinful
break-ups can be. If you don’t have the ability too communicate properly it should be your firsst priority to learn.

Love is not just an emotion, so instead of wasting time for
some deep analysks on love, hopeless romantics must act on getting
sexier. No matter what your age, race, body size, iff you aare short or tall, blond or brunette, it doesn’t matter.

Everything has to be perfect and things are required to
work in such-and-such a way. Let’s say hhe wants sex and you don’t.
They enjoy experiencing it and talking about it, wwhile menn consider emotions a caqll tto
discharge by action.

Be concerned iff your daughter seems unhappy with him if she
was usually happy before she got with him. What I did discover online was
a wealth of forums and articles about how to gget away from the narcissist.
If not, then decisions will nesd to be made. In 2013 the war against
spam is well underway,and withh the recent assurances from both international Internet legal think
tanks as well as the search engines themselves, the squeeze on spam will only continue into the future.

Big Picture Partnerfing is the most non-judgmental and most positive approach to relationship accord that I have come across.

How can one avoid such a situation which breeds mistrust and disloyalty between the vendor and his partners?
Heer powerful, yet playful style connects with a broad range
of individuals. Series of events led up to it. If you have dealt
with your true feelings and feel he/she is the one
for you then it’s time to take the nextt step.

Crying for soome reason it was shunned at least when I
was growing up. I feel that the most important aspect of the parent child relationship
is that the child should trust the parent implicitly. Each aand everyone requires to find their individal footing and neesds to act what they feel
iss true, disregarding what others say. Stranger things have happened aand always will in this stranbge game of love.

If the situations of your relationship have caused you and your significant other to separate, your feelints will be hurt and you are lkkely to feel frustrated with the situation.

She does not see price she iis paying for this kind of relationship or what toll it taakes on all concerned.
It’s as simple as that.If you are looking for signs to end a relationship, that would be it.

No apology iis almost better than an insincere one. Here are some tips on how to move forward towards a
possible reconciliation. No one deserves to be unhappy.

The end result is that the whole of Big Picture Partnering presented in Big Picture Partnering: 16 weeks to a rock-solid relationship
is very realistic and can be accomplished by anyone whho is willing
to read, consider, talk and listen in order to chieve the happiness sought for in a connected and intimate rock-solid
relationship. You finnd yourself afraid to say things: When in a controlling relationship, you will often fesl like you are “walking on eggshells” where you doo not want too say anything
or do anything thatt might make the controlling partner angry.
Likewise, if your new partner seems to bbe distracted
by a former relationship, you ohght to consider whether or not they have jumped into a relationship with you too quickly.
Therefore, the Bible is full of significant relationship verses.
You have to be totally sure that you will go in witrh the break-up.

Michael Griswold’s program contains videos, audios, eBooks and another components and this system is
broken down into three modules that strategically aid you too get your ex
back after the breakup. Here are some techniques that can be used to ease the pain of almost
any relationship breakup. At times it ccan definitely feel
as though you and your partner are speaking alien languages.

If youu have offspring, it goes the same.

Falling in Love or in Other Wordss – Romantic Love So what is romantic love?

Being understood is the number one diffusion technique in anny conflict.
In this way you will actually win your Scorpio’s admiration, bedcause aside from being
natural leaders themselves, they also love it
when someone else shows moxie and drive. Extrapolating from point number two,
not only do the search engines now llook upopn a huge increase in links with a
suspicious eye, they are also less likely to succeed in gaining
any traction in the first place. Both may acknowledge the fact that there is something
wrong and bopth of you can try to rekindle what has
been lost or slumbering.

It is ndoubtedly one of the hardest oxic bonds to break.
Let’s not beat around the bush here, when the search engines such as
Google decided that back links would form an important part
off teir ranking algorithm, they did it precisely because they understood the importance
of relationships between websites. Are you a woman who has a mechanical bent or a man with a love of baking?
In the heat oof the moment, they may seem difficult to apply.
I had always had a little problem with this myself, for I am one jealous woman if
I see another female trying too move in on my man.

If you are currently in a relationship, then you are aware off the
fact that relationship problems may cause unneeded strss in your life.
Instead Michal Griswold makes use of a smart approach that offers a better foundation too your relationship in thhe future.
Read on to learn how Dunbstan Baby Language can help you take care of your baby.
In this way you can get all of your emotions out and you can let go skme of the
anger and some of the hurt. Jan Hoistad, in writing Big
Picture Partnering: 16 weeks too a rock-solid relationship,
draws predominantly on Transactional Analysis and the
newest relationship research ffor building and explaining her rock-solid-in-16-weeksapproach, research such
as that by the celebrated Dr.

It sucks feeling like your partner is just waitikng tto criticize you on the slighest little personal things about you.

However, it is just their perspective as they calculate the risk of the joint venture.
Avoid Negativity Do your absolute best to avoid speaking negatively about
the school, the teacher, and/or the past. If you’ve ever
wondered if you are thhe victim of a toxic relationship, check out these warning signs.
Family iis a dimension that can lead to conflicts and relationship problems.

If you still have hurt feelings wait until
those have subsided. You’re going to find out why wee
fall out of loive and why it’s well worth perservering
with relationships and marriages beyond that
point. Welxome her back with wartm feelings and don’t bee a jerk.
For you, it might be in termss of searching forr your soul mate.

Loots Of Closer Friends Of The Opposite Sex: If your partner has friends of the opposite sex that gets
more attention than you, you might have a problem.

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September 10, 2014

If you aree a power user and enjoying these chat lines then most services will ave a cheaper
credit card option – buy your minutes in advance and access the service through a 0800 freefone number.

Via iCloud itt is possible to wirelessly access photos,
calendars, paperwork, files, etc. You should kep a copy of thee letter with
yourself. Chatting is a step higher, and talking via mobile phone is the highest on the steps before the ultimate face-to-face meet-up.
It’s not worth having your own chat line service if when you call
it there are no callers on to chat to. Individuals these ddays are
leading a busy life and that is why this simple to use free chat lines are becomiing
hugely popular. The companies providing cell phone reverse lookup services compile phone numbers
into enormous databases after a lot of hard work and financial investment.

That is why the most common way to find name and other relevant information of prank callers iss
when you carry out a reverse mobil number lookup. So youu
actually owe him the courtesy of honesty. A Girl You Like When you lke a girl, you
need to ask questions that makes it easier for you to know her more.
It iis true that it will make no goid iif the caller uuses different phone booths or numbers to disturb
you. Do you like dancing?

You may or may not have noticed that throughout this article, “talking through mobile phone” has been emphasized.
The fairer sex is a tadd biit haughty. What do you doo in your frree time?
E-mails are good during the start of your relationships, but youu neerd to move on to the communication ladder if you wanmt
your relationship to be more grounded. Thatt is a great benefit
off thee free phone chats. How can I set up a cchat line?

You can also inmect humor into your conversation so that she starts to like you.

They use public as well private sources, along with big cell carrier restricted databases to create an impressive directory of phone numbers.
These are just some of the biggest turnoffs for women on a first date,
were men would be wwise to heed our advice. Yoou can find also what is known as as speed contemplate.Say you would like to work together referring eachh other businesses and would like the opportunity to meet them.
What this means is that callng women on the phone and asking her out on a date is no
longer an issue because from now on when you ask a woman out iit you
will be inviting her into your life insead of
some evennt created jhst for her.

What are you thinking right now? Continual messaging.
So, tryy different ways. Many claim it’s fine as well as some say don’t do it.
It’s definitely a loathsome turnoff when someone’s in your face, and their breath reeks of alcohol.
Similarly, these situations call for honesty.

While fidelity is a rare commodity in a marriage, there are a pathetic hoard of women who are willing to
bee with married men. This is understandable.
As of today, the hone dating seevices has been gaining momentum among the singles all across the globe.

You are able to meet individuals wwho are local and other who stay far from our place.
Who is the one peron you admire the most?
This is a problem to product in a yield calculation Excel
spreadsheet if the call feature is the American kind, considering
that American choices can bee called at any time.

As you can see there are several sensible criteria when building up a
yield calculation Excel spreadsheet. This way you can insert their name and address wherever you
want and your letter is more personal. Again, this question wiill let
her know that you are intrerested in her. Sound very confident.
Your date is seated comfortably inn a luxurious restaurant, enjoying her second glass of wine, when the calm is suddenly pierced by a string of profanity.

The below mentioned tips and techniques will come in handy in your quesdt for love
and romance.

At the end of discussing these options, you would have lost
track of time! I aam enclosing a copy of the receipt, to help you initiate immediate action. Youu would
stay connected to tthe world at any time using the 4G connectivity or the 3G conneectivity or the WiFi or aat least using its Bluetooth.
But what aare the things you caan talk about on the phone witfh your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Gone are thee days off blind dtes aand the fear of hat that person is going to be like when you meet them.
Points to Include in an Out-of-office Messsage Creating
a message is not a difficult job.

Avoid the movies. Many threats take advantage of the fact
that people trust their friends, and fail to realize how important it is too tresat electronic commmunications with care,
irrespective of thewir apparent source. This makes them very attractive as targets.
Now we all knopw how tragic a blind date is generally sometimes.
Girll You’re Interested In This is a step forward. Using a
mobile phne to get a date is extremely safe and easy and it is up to you to ecide what information to share and where and when you want to
search for a date or if you would like to date a certain person or not.

If yes, then you can ask her what kind of books she reads, her favorite
authors, if she is currently reading a book, etc.
You are able to also add your voice messages ass well.
Offense 9 Oh No, You Didn’t! By Nathan Hall : A how to
tutorial about first date tips, phone dating tips, first date tips for boys,
Relationships with step bby step guide from Nathan Hall.
Or maybe he got overly flustered aand shy with your beauty.
I’m overseas oon holiday…

Nothing more left too talk about. Start female names with ‘Madam’, and male
namess with ‘Mister’) I am writihg in regard to our last conversation, which was thhe phone interview
conducted on the (mention date of phone interview), about my potentiality in joining the organization.
Turn off the mobike phone and revl inn one anothers company.
If your approach is unique, it will most probably work. But darling, if
you’re constantly going to take calls, or hurriedlly send tesxt messages
every few seconds, don’t be surprised when she choses to
promptly ignore all future contact. A Step To Build Strong Physical Therapist Referral Base Most physical therapists in private practice
have what they think iis a succwssful practice, that is built depeends on a few doctors.

Nothing can break up a conversation like continual interruptions.
You arre about tto discover an ultimate secret weapon which will make women chase
you around like crazy Even If You Are Bald, Fat Or Ugly!…..Trust me….You
don’t want to miss this one. If you like her,
annd aare really interested in her, the queations
have to be a little less casual and in-depth.

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July 19, 2014

Construction Linked Installment Payment Plan ? NE on the north edgge of town. My oldest daughter’s
first name, Julie, was the name of her maternal grandmother.
You can Visit The TwitterXtreme Home Page Here, Dont Delay
This scrit Is Sold to Only 200 Users Per Month TwitterXtreme
Twitter Auto Poster If you arre not using Twitter
to grow your intternet marketing business you are missing out on a
huge free opportunity to promote your internet marketing business.
Pool landscape design is anotuer investment that goes hand in hand with a newly installed swimming pool.
The Times Square ball drop is oone of the most famous New Year’s celebrations in the world.
The bustier of the gown is mzde in metallic golden sbeeted fabric,
whereas the skirt is made of fluid chiffon inspired by the Greek goddesses.
I guess the old saying, “you can’t go home again,” isn’t true forr these
rockers because they’ve definitely gone back home and brought it into the present with this
remwstered musical masterpiece.

Some of the famous puzzles are number puzzles, logical puzzles, word puzzles, Meta puzzles and the list
is endless for puzzle lovers. Cheee and strawberries complement the locally
grown wines very well, aand the Seneca Wine Trail is
growing in popularity. Hiis parents set a precedent bby always
calling him Nathan. You will find beautiful terrain, endless beaches, glaciers,
huge mountains, and steam pools and volcanoes. These establishments offer cigars that are created on the premises, with aged Dominican, Honduran and Nicaraguan Tobaccos, roloed inn unique
wrappers. Thhe due date to pay this tax in New Jersey is 8 months after the death oof tthe person whose estate will be pssed on to the heir.
Whether just for some friendly advice oor a strong advocate att a tumultuous time, it is
always in your best interest to contact an attorney that you feel comfortable with and
can trust. Alcoholic beverages are not sold here, but customers may
bring their own.

If you are the type who doesn’t believe in gettinng rid of a perfectly good timepiece, then you must knoww how impokrtant it is too keep your
watch clean. Online uzzles havfe taken new dimensions with all
these facilities. Learning English iss a great way to give you a new challenge.
If you don’t kno what to lok for, bring someone you trust who does.
These are just twenty suggestions for both
boys andd girls; perhaps you’ll come up with your own variation after seeing these names in print!
2, the battery should be aware of? Food Traditions New Year’s traditions vady from place to place, and therefore, food
traditions are bound to be different depending on thhe country.
It is believed that the more people you tell about your resolutions, the better your chancees
aree towards achieving your goals.

You should put a ball in your glove and tie it closed after playing catch or after tthe game.
4, to avoid to blow high drop. It implies tha every day, when the moon is directly overhead, the watter of the earth flows out towards the moon,
and causes high tide. The invited escorts orr woen are very
friendly, easily approach, happy to egage in conversation with you, pleased to clinch
you, and peck a kiss too. Breaking your goaals down into small pieces and figuring out what it takes to achieve each small step
is the best way to set a realistic goal. As long as it is not being done for business, wopmen are permitted to be topless in public.
Construction technology has come a long way and 3C group use it to
the complete, to make living so much easier, improved and
protected. Having a new baby?

He found that all people show a cyclic pattern between the head and a chest
reading, which is in accordance with the lunar cycle,
vide Periodic Changes in Electromagnetic Fields, New York, 1960 byy L.V.
In schools and colleges children graduation gowns are used aand are
worn by the students of the institute on their
graduation ceremony. 49) that, “Every drop of water in the ocean responds to this force, and every living marinal animal and plant is made aware of the rhythm. Amidst her agony, Shikha will arise like a phoenix from the ashes, donning a completely glamorous look and with a new determination to extract her revenge. Wenceslaus School is also located at the same address. Cardinal Homes and Land is located at 129 East Main Street in New Prague, Minnesota. Depending on the desire, bathrooms refurbishment could be complete new bathroom installation project, or partial renovation works such as new bathroom units installation, re-tiling, old paint refreshing, new shower cubic installation. Bathroom plumbing and electrical works should be done almost at the same time.

It means a driver should have an idea of why he is cruising towards a certain area. When you decide you want to bring a new puppy home, you need to make sure you are ready for the training that goes along with it. A very strong sounding name for a young man; I don’t see any nickname problems here unless it’s “Hunt”, which can easily – and quijckly – be corrected! If you are thinking of building a new house or remodeling yoiur home, this list of 45 contractors for new home construction annd remodelin located in thee cuty is for you. Sapphire crystals are the most expensive too replace, but they are also the least likely to scratch. A vey small amount on the inside can also heslp keepp sweat off thee inside. Apparently,every nook and corner of the country wll start sending free ssms as a consequence of internet penetration. New Prague, Minnesota welcomes every church that decides to build it’s foundation within our community.

With only the best ingedients used to make all of their dishes and the largeat selection of Italian wines in Neew Jersey, Undici provides a wonderful atmosphere on top of the delicious menu items offered. Onne should stand strong and stay cool. Rustic or Country Theme Most homes located in Southern areas and winter all-year round rehions prefer a country themed bathroom. If you are in the Cortland, Neew York area, you are sure to find something fun or entertaining to do. It may be more than a bit of a hassle to ensure that your daughter’s name iis spelled correctly, bbut it will come with time! Theyy are also not allowed to ply pinball onn Sundays, or to sell raw hamurger at all. Rental cars are available Call 952-758-4471 for more information. This year, I ill stop biting my nails.

Realty Executives local agent is Rod Tietz. Perhaps the strangest law is that people inn the State of New York cannot greet each otjer by “putting one’s thumb to
the nose and wiggling the fingers.” Since I have yet to see anyone greet me in this way, I can only asaume they fear the punishment for violating this law. There are some Fastpitch gloves that are really stiff when brand new that may require a little more glove conditioner during the break in period. 3, the neww battery caan not charge the battery? You can wish also such angry peoople because iit is a time to forget bad memnory of past and start your life anew.New Year greetings are mosst beautiful tools to inspire anyone during celebration. And if he is the only one to report, you can think about a change. It’s really fun and refreshing to be goofy sometimes. Nissan Micra car is launched in the three petrol variants inn the Indian car market and mayed with the speed manual transmission- initially.

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July 2, 2013

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April 5, 2012

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March 7, 2011

OMG, ich habe mir das Video angesehen: crazy!
Die Kommentare sind auch nett, z.B. “A cet instant personne, ne peut plus rien pour Fred” und “Il glisse vers son destin”..

Posted by: Taru Koch
March 4, 2011

Hallo Martin, danke für den Link zum Video, in der Tat unglaublich, der hat sich wohl ein bisschen verfahren….
Ich bin ein paar steile Wände mit Skis abgefahren, und es ist immer am besten, wenn man selbst vorher da hochsteigt, wo man nachher runterfährt, nicht nur wegen der Orientierung (von unten sind man alles, von oben nix mehr) sondern auch um genau zu wissen, wie die Verhältnisse sind. Da das nicht immer möglich ist, gehen manche Leute ein enormes Risiko ein. Ich ür meinen Teil bin inzwischen recht vorsichtig geworden.

Gruss Christian

Posted by: Christian Pittrof
March 4, 2011

Hallo zusammen, ich bin gestern über ein Video des Extrem Skifahrers Sven Syversen gestossen. Unglaublich, er hat einen Sprung aus 107m Höhe mit Skiern überlebt…aber seht selbst.

Posted by: Martin Moser
March 4, 2011

Danke für deine Antwort Christian :)

Posted by: Taru Koch
March 1, 2011

Hallo Taru, danke für Deine Anfrage. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass offensichtliche einige Manager zu extremen Hobbies neigen. Wie auch immer, bei mir ist es einfach so, dass ich in der Nähe der Berge gross geworden bin, dass ich das Naturerlebnis geniesse und natürlich reizt mich die technische, physische und psychische Herausforderung beim (Höhen)Bergesteigen. Obendrein bin ich neugierig und hin und wieder mal raus aus der Komfortzone und Unsicherheit in Sicherheit verwandeln gibt ein gutes Gefühl und macht nachhaltig zufrieden. Hoffe, dass gibt ein wenig Einblick, was mich so antreibt :-). Gruss Christian

Posted by: Christian Pittrof
March 1, 2011

Christian, interessanter Beitrag! Was mich schon lange interessiert ist, weshalb viele Manager zu “extremen” Hobbies wie Triathlon, Marathon oder eben Bergsteigen neigen. Jetzt nutze ich die Chance dich zu fragen. Hast du vielleicht eine Antwort?

Posted by: Taru Koch
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