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August, 12th 2011

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“When I think about it now, it’s very seldom that you are going to be hired for something that doesn’t exist yet.  The reason I wanted to be hired was I thought it was an interesting job — to start from nothing to build a research laboratory — its seldom that you get the opportunity to do this.  I also had a rhythm to my work. I seem to have a rhythm of two years, so I thought, for the next two years it would be nice to do this job.  But those two years become 34 years.”

Karsten Drangeid was the director of IBM Research – Zurich from 1971 – 1986 and he was one of the first employees of the lab in 1956. Listen to stories about how the lab was nearly was shut down in the early 1970s to receiving two consecutive Nobel Prizes in 1986 and 1987.

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