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Match Summary – Djokovic defeated Federer 7-6 (1), 6-7 (10), 6-4, 6-3 in 2 hours 56 minutes

Like last year, Djokovic was just a bit better on 2nd serve and that made the difference.  He won 60% of his own 2nd serve points and 51% of Federer’s.  Djokovic saved 6 of the 7 break points he faced, holding 20 of his 21 service games.  Djokovic also played extremely clean, not giving much away and making Federer earn everything he got.  For the match, Djokovic made just 16 unforced errors in 286 points.

Federer came out looking to be aggressive and he was effective with his aggressive strategy.  He hit 58 total winners (14 aces, 3 service winners, 15 forehands, 4 backhands and 22 winners at net) and made 35 unforced errors.  Roger won 42 of 58 net approaches (72%).  He served pretty well (67% 1st serves in play, 74% 1st serve points won), but he finally succumbed to Djokovic’s pressuring return game.  Djokovic converted 4 of 10 break points as Federer faced break points in every set.

First Set to Djokovic 7-6 (7-1) in 45 minutes

Federer broke at love for a 4-2 lead and looked poised to run away with the first set.  Djokovic broke right back as Federer lost 3 of the 4 points on 2nd serves.  Federer had 2 set points on Djokovic’s serve at 5-6, but Djokovic responded with 122 mph serves out to Federer’s backhand that he couldn’t handle.  Djokovic took control in the tiebreak.

Total points won for the set was even at 37 each, but Federer outplayed Djokovic for most of the set.  Federer had 15 total winners and 11 unforced errors to 11 winners and 3 unforced from Djokovic.  Djokovic had 6 aces, hit 65% 1st serves in play, won 73% of his 1st serves and 50% of his 2nd serves.  Federer hit 59% of his 1st serves in play, won 80% of those points and won 50% of his 2nd serves.  Federer converted 1 of his 3 break chances – Djokovic converted 1 of 2.

Second Set to Federer 7-6 (12-10) – in 65 minutes

Again Federer had the first chance to break in the set at 2-2.  Djokovic saved both break points with big serves to the Federer backhand (123 mph and 127 mph) and finally held for 3-2.  At that point in the match Djokovic had faced 5 break points and hit his first serve in all 5 times (all to Federer’s backhand).  At 4-5, 30-30, Federer double faulted to give Djokovic a set point.  Federer held for 5-5.  He then earned his 3rd break point of the set in the next game.

Djokovic jumped out to a 6-3 lead in the tiebreak to grab 3 set points.  Federer saved all 3 – and saved a 4th set point at 6-7, a 5th at 8-9, and a 6th at 9-10.  Federer got his 2nd set point at 11-10.  And Federer took the tiebreak 12-10.  He saved a total of 7 set points (6 in the tiebreak) to even the match.

There were no breaks in the set – Federer had 3 break points, Djokovic had 1.  Federer improved his serving in the 2nd set – 72% in play – 76% 1st serve points won – 54% won on 2nd serves.  Federer had 24 total winners and 12 unforced errors.  Djokovic hit 68% 1st serves in play – won 63% of his 1st serves and 72% of his 2nd serves.  He had 12 total winners and 8 unforced errors.  Federer won 15 of his 19 net approaches in the 2nd set and 7 of 10 serve and volley points.  Just like the first set, total points won were dead even – this time 51 points each.

Third Set to Djokovic – 6-4 in 32 minutes

Federer saved 2 break points in the opening game of the set – coming back from 15-40 down.  Djokovic saved a break point in the next game.  Djokovic finally took the lead with a break in the third game of the set.  After two more games the match was halted due to rain with Djokovic up 3-2 (21 minutes into the 3rd set).  From 3-2, 15-30, Djokovic did not lose another point on serve, finishing the set with 11 straight points on his serve.  After dropping serve to trail 2-1, Federer did not lost another point on serve as he ran off his final 12 service points.

Djokovic lost a total of 6 points on serve in the set – Federer lost 8, but the one break of serve decided the set for Djokovic.  He hit 63% of his 1st serves in play, won 94% of those points (16 of 17), and won 50% of his 2nd serve points.  Federer hit 68% of his 1st serves in play, won 79% of those points and 56% of his 2nd serve points.  Djokovic had 11 total winners and just 2 unforced errors in the set – Federer had 10 winners and 6 unforced errors.  Djokovic won 9 of his 10 net approaches – Federer 8 of 12.

Fourth Set to Djokovic 6-3 – in 34 minutes

Djokovic drew first blood in the 4th set, breaking for a 3-2 lead.  Federer missed 3 of 6 first serves in that game and Djokovic won 2 of the 3 second serve points including the break point.  Federer saved 2 break points serving at 2-4 where a break would have allowed Djokovic to serve for the match.  Djokovic broke Federer to take the set and the match 6-3.

In the 4th set Djokovic did not face a break point and lost just 6 points on serve.  He had 12 total winners and just 3 unforced errors.  Federer dropped serve twice in the set as he won just 36% on 2nd serves in the set.

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Match Summary – Williams defeated Muguruza 6-4, 6-4 in 1 hour 23 minutes

With this victory, the “Serena Slam” is completed for the second time and she’s one title away from a calendar year Grand Slam.  Williams played dominant, overpowering tennis from 4-2 down in the 1st set to 5-1 up in the 2nd set.  She won 9 of 10 games during that stretch.

For the match, Serena hit 54% of her 1st serves in play, won 78% of her 1st serves and just 35% of her 2nd serves.  Serena held 7 of 10 service games as she saved 7 of 10 break points she faced.  Her “first strike” game was very strong – 30 of the 60 serves she hit in the court were not returned by Muguruza.  She hit 29 total winners (12 aces & 1 service winner – 7 forehands – 5 backhands – 4 at net) and made 15 unforced errors including 8 double faults.  Muguruza had 10 total winners and 9 unforced errors.  She hit 70% of her 1st serves in play, won 53% of those points and just 33% on 2nd serve as she held 5 of her 10 service games.

Williams’ 12 aces gave her 80 for the tournament.  Her 4 return winners gave her 25 for the tournament.  Williams dominated in 2 areas – 1st serve and return of 2nd serve.  For the tournament Serena won 78% of her 1st serve points and she won 63% when her opponents had to hit 2nd serves.

First Set to Williams 6-4 – 44 minutes

It took a while for the world number 1 to get going, but she finally got her game together and took the opening set 6-4.  Williams started the match with a double fault, threw in 2 more and a forehand unforced error and gave the first game of the match to Muguruza.  After that first game Williams did not face another break point for the rest of the set.

Williams hit just 49% of her 1st serves in play, won 82% of those points and just 44% when she had to hit a 2nd serve (including 4 double faults).  She finished the set with 16 total winners including 3 aces and 2 return winners.  Muguruza held her serve until the 8th game of the set when Williams was able to break back to even the set.  From 4-2 down, Williams won the next four games including 2 breaks of serve to take the set.

Muguruza hit 64% of her 1st serves in play, won 61% of those points and just 38% when she had to hit a 2nd serve.  She had 3 aces and 1 double fault in the set – 6 total winners and 4 total unforced errors.  While Muguruza did not make an unforced error on her backhand side, she was forced into 11 backhand errors by the power of Williams.

Second Set to Williams 6-4 – 39 minutes

Williams picked up her serving and took control in the 2nd set – until she served for it at 5-1.  Williams then showed some nerves for first time since the opening game of the match.  Williams missed all 4 of her first serves in the game and was broken at love.  Her next service game featured 4 break points and 1 championship point before Muguruza broke to get back on serve at 4-5.  Serena then broke at love for the match.

Serena made it look easy at times and struggled at others.  She threw in 4 double faults in the 2nd set along with 9 aces.  She ran off 12 straight points to go up 5-1 and then lost her serve at love.  For the set Serena hit 61% of her 1st serves in play, won 75% of those points and just 23% when she had to hit a 2nd serve.  Muguruza won just 10 of her 25 service points in the 2nd set as she was broken 3 times.

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Djokovic Highlights:

  • Very strong serving – 64 aces – 71% 1st serves in play – 77% 1st serve points won – 65% 2nd serve points won – saved 20 of 25 break points faced – held 95 of 101 service games
  • Solid return game – broken serve at least 3 times in every Wimbledon match this year
  • Strong ground game – 68 forehand winners – 49 backhand winners – more groundstroke winners than unforced errors – 55% baseline points won
  • Won 70% of his net approaches

Federer Highlights:

  • Almost untouchable on serve – 67 aces – 67% 1st serves in play – 85% 1st serve points won – 66% 2nd serve points won – held 89 of 90 service games – faced only 4 break points
  • Solid return game – broken serve at least 3 times in every Wimbledon match this year
  • Forehand weapon has been very strong – 72 forehand winners, just 36 forehand unforced errors
  • won 73% of his net approaches

Federer leads their head to head 20-19 including two matches here at Wimbledon – Federer winning in the 2012 semifinal and Djokovic taking last year’s final in 5 sets. There is so little that separates these two. Last year it came down to pressure and 2nd serves. Federer was not able to keep pressure on Djokovic’s serve (he faced multiple break points in only one set) while Djokovic had multiple opportunities to break Federer in every set except the first. That pressure built and in the final set Djokovic converted 1 of his 4 break chances to take the match.

Just like last year, Federer comes into the final having lost serve just once. He’s actually serving a bit better this year than last, facing fewer break points. His return of serve numbers are a touch better as are his forehand and net play numbers. Djokovic is also playing better than last year so we’re probably in for another tight battle.

Just like last year the challenge for Federer will be to maintain his level of play against a player who defends as well as Djokovic. Murray plays a similar style to Djokovic so he was a good preparation for Federer, with one exception. Where Murray’s 2nd serve can be suspect at times, Djokovic leads the ATP Tour in 2nd serve performance for the year. 2nd serve performance was a major difference in last year’s final (Djokovic won 65% – Federer won 44%) and could well tell the story again this year.

64 Aces 67
10 Double Faults 5
35% Unreturned Serves 42%
71% 1st Serve % 67%
77% 1st Serve Points 85%
65% 2nd Serve Points 66%
5 Broken 1
25 Break Points Faced 4
101 Games Served 90
95% Service Games Held 99%
117 mph Average 1st Serve 118 mph
98 mph Average 2nd Serve 100 mph
126 mph Fastest Serve 128 mph
67% Returns in Play 68%
30% 1st Return Points Won 33%
53% 2nd Return Points Won 52%
25 Breaks of Serve 28
60 Break Points 61
42% Pct. Converted 46%
98 Return Games Played 89
26% Return Games Won % 31%
68 Forehand Winners 72
41 Forehand Unforced Errors 36
49 Backhand Winners 29
44 Backhand Unforced Errors 30
228 Winners 244
99 Unforced Errors 75
116 of 166 Net Points Won 145 of 199
70% Net Points Won 73%
55% Baseline Points Won 52%
80 Games Lost 63
2 Sets lost 1
13:04 Time on Court 9:58

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Williams Highlights:

  • Dominating 1st serve – 68 aces – 44% serves not returned – 78% 1st serve points won – top speed 123 mph
  • Very strong return game – 63% won returning 2nd serves – has 21 return winners in 6 matches
  • Balanced baseline game – 52 forehand winners – 54 backhand winners – more winners than unforced errors on both sides

Muguruza Highlights:

  • Solid 1st serve – 71% 1st serve points won – suspect 2nd serve (just 44% points won) – faced 49 break points – saved 35
  • Very strong return game – 80% back in play – 39% won vs. 1st serves – 61% won vs. 2nd serves
  • Power from both sides off the ground – 65 forehand winners – 50 backhand winners but has more groundstroke unforced errors than winners and has won just 48% of her baseline points
  • Very strong at net – 145 net approaches – won 68%

Williams leads their head to head 2-1 with their last match a 3 set battle in Australia earlier this year. This final is power versus power – two big hitters who like pace and look to take control of the points from the first shot. Williams is most likely the best first strike player in the game – she leads the tournament in aces and return of serve winners – and she dominates the short points (4 shots or fewer) in her matches. Muguruza has actually done better in the mid-length rallies (5 to 8 shots) as she uses her powerful ground game to take control and get into net where she’s been very effective.

When it comes to the first hit of the point – serve and return – the edge is firmly on Williams’ side. Once the ball is in play and the rallies are extended it is a much more even battle. One key for Muguruza will be getting 1st serves in play. She’s been vulnerable when having to hit 2nd serves and Williams is one of the very best at punishing opponent’s 2nd serves. Muguruza has been very resourceful when facing break points – she’s saved 35 of 49 – (in her 3rd round against the 10th seed Angelique Kerber she saved 15 of 19 break points) – it’s not a good idea to test that tactic against Williams.

In this year’s tournament, Williams has already defeated the only two players to have beaten her in Wimbledon finals – her sister Venus and Maria Sharapova. Muguruza is in her first career Grand Slam final and nerves could definitely be a factor for her. A win today will give Serena her second career “Serena Slam” – holding all four Grand Slam titles – and will get her one step closer to a calendar year Grand Slam.


68 Aces 27
13 Double Faults 18
44% Unreturned Serves 26%
60% 1st Serve % 60%
78% 1st Serve Points 71%
55% 2nd Serve Points 44%
8 Broken 14
27 Break Points Faced 49
63 Games Served 69
87% Service Games Held 80%
123 mph Fastest Serve 110 mph
71% Returns in Play 80%
37% 1st Return Points Won 39%
63% 2nd Return Points Won 61%
25 Breaks of Serve 26
59 Break Points 62
42% Pct. Converted 42%
64 Return Games Played 69
39% Return Games Won % 38%
52 Forehand Winners 65
48 Forehand Unforced Errors 63
54 Backhand Winners 50
37 Backhand Unforced Errors 66
206 Winners 180
101 Unforced Errors 153
57 of 80 Net Points Won 98 of 145
71% Net Points Won 68%
51% Baseline Points Won 48%
47 Games Lost 57
2 Sets lost 3
9:08 Time on Court 10:29

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Match Summary – Federer defeated Murray 7-5, 7-5, 6-4 in 2 hours 7 minutes

Roger Federer played an almost flawless match, facing just 1 break point in the opening game of the match and did not face another one.  He held all 17 of his service games, hit 76% of his 1st serves in play, won 84% of his 1st serve points and 55% of his 2nd serve points.  He lost a total of 21 points in his 17 service games.

Murray didn’t play badly.  He hit 74% of his 1st serves in play, won 71% of his 1st serve points and 50% of his 2nd serve points.  He saved 7 of the 10 break points he faced, but each of those 3 breaks of serve cost him a set.  Federer hit 56 total winners (20 aces – 17 forehand – 4 backhand – 15 at net) and made just 11 unforced errors.  Murray had 35 total winners and 17 unforced errors.

It was Federer dominating his own service games that put all the pressure on Murray to match him, and that pressure kept building as the sets got closer to the end.  Murray just could not find a way to put pressure on Federer and that was the difference.

First Set to Federer 7-5 in 37 minutes

A weak 2nd serve from Murray (84 mph) and a ripping forehand return winner setup 2 set points for Federer at 5-6.  Murray came up with a forehand pass down the line to save the first, but a dipping Federer backhand pass was too difficult for Murray to handle on the second set point.

Federer saved 1 break point against his serve in the opening game of the match and that was the only chance Murray had to break serve in the first set.  Federer hit 85% of his 1st serves in play, won 76% of those points and won 60% of his 2nd serves.  Murray had a great serving set until 5-6, losing just 5 points on serve in his first 5 service games.  Murray hit 71% of his 1st serves in play, won 77% of those points and 56% of his 2nd serves.

Federer had 23 total winners (11 aces – 4 forehand – 1 backhand – 7 at net) and just 3 unforced errors in the set.  Murray had 12 winners and 6 unforced errors.

Second Set to Federer 7-5 in 57 minutes

Murray saved 5 set points serving at 4-5 in a 20 point, 7 deuce game.  Federer held at love to put the pressure right back on Murray, and on his 6th set point Federer closed out the set with a forehand volley winner.

Federer did not face a break point in the second set as all the pressure was on Murray.  Federer won all 19 of his 1st serve points in the set and won 5 of 12 of his 2nd serve points (42%).  Murray saved 6 of 7 break points but the 7th cost him the set.  Murray won 65% of his 1st serve points and 46% of his 2nd serve points.  Federer had 18 total winners and 7 unforced errors – Murray 13 winners and 8 unforced errors.

Third Set to Federer 6-4 in 33 minutes

Again Federer did not face a break point against his serve – dropped just 5 service points in the set and it was Murray who blinked, this time at 4-5.

Federer hit 81% 1st serves in play – won 81% of those and won 80% when he had to hit a 2nd serve.  15 total winners in the set and just 1 unforced error – you can’t play much better than that.


Match Summary – Djokovic defeated Gasquet 7-6, 6-4, 6-4 in 2 hours 21 minutes

Djokovic held 15 of 16 service games – hit 12 aces – put 76% 1st serves in play – won 78% of his 1st serve points.  He finished the match with 46 total winners and just 22 unforced errors.  His winners showed his entire game – 12 aces – 13 forehand – 11 backhand – 10 at net.  Gasquet had 36 total winners and 19 unforced errors.  Gasquet held 13 of 16 service games, those 3 breaks were the difference in the match.

Djokovic has run his 2015 match record to 47-3.  The only match all year that Djokovic broke serve and lost was the final at Roland Garros where he was defeated by Stan Wawrinka.  In his other two losses – to Karlovic and Federer on hard courts earlier this year – Djokovic was not able to break serve.  So far at Wimbledon, Djokovic has broken serve at least 3 times in every match.

First Set to Djokovic 7-6 (7-2) – 52 minutes

Richard Gasquet played a very solid opening set – just 5 unforced errors – but unfortunately for Gasquet, 2 of his 5 unforced occurred in the tiebreak.  Djokovic broke in the second game of the match and had game points for a 3-0 lead.  Gasquet broke back and they each held serve through to the tiebreak.

Djokovic hit 81% of his 1st serves in play and won 71% of those points.  He won just 38% of his 2nd serve points but that didn’t really matter much due to his high 1st serve percentage.  Gasquet won only 50% when his 1st serve was in play and won 70% behind his 2nd serve.  It seemed that Djokovic had more issues dealing with the spinning, high kicking 2nd serve than he did with the harder, flatter Gasquet 1st serve.

Djokovic had 19 total winners and 13 unforced errors in the first set – Gasquet had 10 winners and 5 unforced errors.  9 of Gasquet’s 10 winners came from his backhand.  Djokovic had 5 aces – 3 forehand winners – 7 backhand winners and 4 volley winners.

Second Set to Djokovic 6-4 – 44 minutes

Djokovic broke Gasquet in the opening game of the second set and consolidated the break to take a 2-0 lead.  He fought off 2 break points to hold for 3-1 and didn’t face another break point in the set.

Djokovic continued his strong serving – 70% 1st serves in play – 81% 1st serve points won.  Gasquet had one poor service game – his first one of the set – as he threw in 3 unforced errors to help Djokovic get the break.  Gasquet won 74% of his 1st serve points in the set, but just 47% on his 2nd serve.  Djokovic improved his overall play – 15 total winners and just 6 unforced errors in the 2nd set.  Gasquet had 12 winners and 8 unforced errors.  But it was the one service break that made the difference.

Third Set to Djokovic 6-4 – 45 minutes

This time Djokovic didn’t break Gasquet in his opening service game of the set…he waited until his second service game to break for a 2-1 lead.  Gasquet saved 2 match points serving at 3-5 to force Djokovic to try to serve it out.  Djokovic did just that, at love, to take the set and the match.

Djokovic lost just 5 points in his 5 service games and did not face a break point in the set.  He hit 72% of his 1st serves in play and won 89% of those points.  12 total winners and just 3 unforced errors for Djokovic in the set.

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