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Friday is a work day for me and as much as I’d love to watch the US Open action live, I can’t. However, I have been able to follow the action closely with the US Open ipad app– relying on the leaderboard, live video and most of all, Hole Insights. Hole Insights gives me great perspective on how the course is playing– which are the most difficult holes, which fairways and greens are the most costly to miss and what percentage of players recover from these misses to birdie, or par the holes.

At the end of round 2, the 18th hole is the most difficult on the course, with 55% of shots missing the fairways (resulting in bogies or worse 76% of the time. Shots on 18 are missing the green 73% of the time, and of these only 23% rally to achieve par and none have gotten birdies.



On the flip side, the par 3 13th hole has been the easiest hole through both rounds 1 and 2 with the most birdie opportunities. 87% of the players have reached the green in regulation, resulting in a par 67% of the time and birdies 31% of the time. Even for the 13% who have missed the green, 42% have managed to achieve par and 6% have even managed to birdie.


Despite the weather differences between Thursday and Friday, most of the holes have been playing at about the same difficulty ranking in rounds 1 and 2 with notable exceptions on hole 9 becoming more difficult in round 2 and hole 17 becoming easier in round 2.



Tomorrow is not a work day, so I’ll be able to watch the action much more. I will continue, however to follow the ipad app as a companion to my TV viewing to better understand the course and the challenges that await players as round 3 unfolds. We invite you to follow along on the ipad app and comment here or tweet your comments and insights using #holeinsights or #gamechangersibm.


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