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On Friday, July 26, we will record a new episode of the GameChangers series, focused on cross platform multi screen experiences.

At IBM, digital solutions are a key part of our sports sponsorships which include the 4 tennis Grand Slams, US Open golf, the Masters and the Tony Awards. In our collaboration with these properties, we’ve seen the digital experience grow from simple websites to sophisticated arrays of features and content across multiple digital platforms.

Of course we’re not the only ones who have embraced the challenges and opportunities created by the proliferation of platforms and screens and how they affect a variety of audiences. Our July panel represents a range of experience and perspectives on the emergence of second/third/alternate screen experiences and includes

  • Patrick Childress, Program Manager, Real Time Events, IBMinteractive.
  • Rob King, Senior Vice President, Editorial, Digital & Print Media, ESPN
  • Christina Warren, Senior Technology Analyst,
  • Amy Webb, CEO, WebbMedia Group

The discussion will include themes like data driven experiences, value added features, remote and in venue experiences, audience needs and expectations, social media integration and multichannel strategy.

The discussion will be live streamed on at 4:00 US Eastern time on Friday, July 26.

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