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Nadal vs. Wawrinka

Nadal Highlights:

  • “70‐70 Club” on serve ‐ 70% 1st serves in play ‐ 75% 1st serve points won ‐ winning 62% on 2nd serves as well ‐ saved 19 of the 27 break points faced
  • Solid returning ‐ especially against 2nd serves (56% won) ‐ won 30% of return games
  • Big forehand weapon ‐ 87 forehand winners

Wawrinka Highlights:

  • Huge 1st serve ‐ 62 aces ‐ 81% 1st serve points won ‐ top speed 221 kmh (137 mph)
  • Very effective when he can attack the net (75% won), but not so much when he finishes the point from the baseline (49% won)
  • Forehand has been his dominant shot from the backcourt (91 winners) ‐ backhand, while spectacular at times has not been quite so steady (47 winners but 92 unforced errors)


Nadal has not lost a set to Wawrinka in 12 previous meetings. The plus for Wawrinka is that 3 of their last 4 sets have gone to tiebreaks ‐ but they were all won by Nadal. Rafa has won all 5 of his tiebreaks here this year so pushing the world number one to 6‐6 hasn’t helped any of his opponents so far.

Wawrinka has explosive power but doesn’t have the consistency of Nadal from the backcourt. The Swiss will need to be uber aggressive and take lots of risks to try to get Nadal out of his comfort zone. His 1st serve is crucial to his success. He needs to get a high percentage of those big bombs in play in order to have a chance to control the rallies.

Djokovic had beaten Wawrinka 14 straight times and Stan stopped the streak. He has to play a near perfect match to end Nadal’s streak at 12.

The Data:

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 3.04.41 PM

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January 25, 2014
1:54 pm

I am wondering why the numbers of BH/FH winners and errors do not added up? Even if aces and double faults are taken into account…

Posted by: David VN
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