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The travel necessitated by my job at IBM makes me an ideal airline customer. I travel three to four times a month and usually buy full-priced tickets. All I ask in return is convenience, comfort and (when available) the occasional upgrade.

As a mobile engagement evangelist, I keep an eye out for how airlines are using mobile channels to engage their customers. Are they able to deliver on the convenience and comfort that travelers crave? Continue Reading »

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Personalized customer experience

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As a frequent shopper at my favorite supermarket, I routinely look at the available promotions and figure out which of the discounted items fit my needs. Imagine instead this experience: as I walk to pick up my monthly refill of peanut butter, I receive a message on my phone that my favorite brand of jelly is 10 percent off.

The store just personalized my experience by offering a special on an item that I care about. Continue Reading »

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I recently had the privilege and good fortune to go on a very unique assignment. I travelled to Cairo, Egypt, to teach our curriculum on mobile application development with IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation. I delivered multiple training sessions over a three-week period to several groups of students and faculty members at education institutions in the region as part of the IBM Middle East and Africa (MEA) University program. It was my first time visiting Egypt, and it was an amazingly rewarding experience.

The IBM MEA University program, part of the IBM Academic Initiative, aims to address the skills shortage in Africa by working with universities in the region to train and certify faculty members and students in emerging technologies. Technology-based services in many African countries lag behind demand. By teaching students new technology skills, we give them a better chance of finding ways to meet this demand. These students are the future workforce, and by investing in it we foster economic growth, drive innovation and increase IBM’s reach across the region. I was very excited to be a part of this program.
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When using any technology, especially mobile devices, most consumers are impatient and expect real-time responses. When it comes to mobile, we have shorter attention spans than goldfish!

Our time is precious, and we don’t want to waste it waiting for an app to do something. It’s got to happen “like now” or even yesterday. We demand responsive apps that can deliver their capabilities instantaneously to keep up with the fast pace of our lives. And when we don’t get them, we hit the delete key and look for something better!

Responsive mobile apps with Linux on POWER8 Continue Reading »

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Even though the term big data analytics became officially annoying sometime in early 2012, it still went on to become one of the most widely used and abused buzzwords of the last few years, particularly in the context of the Internet of Things, or IoT. Along with social media and mobile devices, the Internet of Things is usually cited as one of the main sources of big data. Data from nearly every thing is expected to fuel analytics engines and flow into data lakes, creating business value and happiness for all involved. Just get your hands on as much “thing” data as possible, throw it all in Hadoop and the magic will happen! This all sounds wonderful, and it would be too, except for one tiny catch: it’s nonsense.

Internet of Things Analytics Continue Reading »

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