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Mobile is changing the way we live and work. Leading companies today are adopting a mobile-first approach to business, with mobile application development at its heart.

On July 23rd, IBM was named a leader in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms (MADPs). A MADP is an integrated platform for application development and management—an all-inclusive set of services for addressing the mobile application lifecycle from beginning to end. In the rapidly evolving mobile market, MADPs are helping many businesses to gain a competitive advantage thanks to their easy-to-integrate set of built-in capabilities for mobile app development.

Mobile application development platforms

What defines a leader in mobile app development?

For its report, Gartner evaluates competing MADPs on their ability to help businesses design, develop, test, deploy, distribute and manage a portfolio of cross-platform mobile apps on a range of devices. A leading app development platform should address a wide range of use cases that businesses face on their mobile journey. Continue Reading »

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Business process management

Time and again, I’ve seen mobile proofs of concept that are full of “sizzle” to attract and excite business users, but they end up not being delivered due to a lack of back-end capabilities to support them. For example, I’ve seen mobile concepts that deliver in-context information to police officers in operational environments, something that would greatly enhance their ability to apprehend suspicious characters. This idea was sound, but the mobile app never got delivered because the back-end process capability to support it didn’t exist. These situations often leave business users disappointed when they realize their shiny prototype is as hollow as the cereal box robots we built as kids.

Is “fail early, fail often” to blame? Continue Reading »

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Mobile traffic for online retail sales is increasing rapidly. The Eighth Annual Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report by IBM indicates that growth in online sales for US retailers has exceeded 10 percent per quarter. As of March 2015, mobile traffic to US retail websites reached 47.4 percent, versus the 28.7 percent in March 2014. Mobile devices accounted for 24.4 percent of all retail sales, nearly double from two years ago.

Most US retailers will tell you that 22 percent of their business is conducted between Black Friday and the end of the year. Consider a large company like Walmart whose annual revenue in 2015 was reported at $483 billion. Since this time period is approximately six weeks, the amount of revenue for just that one retailer equates to over $100 billion. Walmart reported that Cyber Monday 2014 was’s biggest day in its history for online orders, with 70 percent of its traffic coming from mobile devices. And that is just one retailer. Most customers will do online shopping from multiple retailers on Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday

Continue Reading »

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The travel necessitated by my job at IBM makes me an ideal airline customer. I travel three to four times a month and usually buy full-priced tickets. All I ask in return is convenience, comfort and (when available) the occasional upgrade.

As a mobile engagement evangelist, I keep an eye out for how airlines are using mobile channels to engage their customers. Are they able to deliver on the convenience and comfort that travelers crave? Continue Reading »

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Personalized customer experience

IBM Presence Insights

As a frequent shopper at my favorite supermarket, I routinely look at the available promotions and figure out which of the discounted items fit my needs. Imagine instead this experience: as I walk to pick up my monthly refill of peanut butter, I receive a message on my phone that my favorite brand of jelly is 10 percent off.

The store just personalized my experience by offering a special on an item that I care about. Continue Reading »

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