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Using IBM Worklight Application Center

The mobile application development process is similar to developing regular applications, but there are some significant differences. One is the proliferation of mobile application platforms that you have to develop apps for. Distributing and managing a large number of apps can be quite challenging. Normally, you would need to publish an app to a “public” app store, depending on the platform (for example, the Apple App Store, or Google Play), in order to share it with anyone in your organization. This might be inconvenient or impractical, especially for developers and testers who are doing integration testing with apps that aren’t quite ready for prime time.

That’s where the IBM Worklight Application Center comes in. It provides a way for you to share apps with specific people or groups within your organization, without going through a public app store. The Application Center is installed with Worklight Server and can be accessed through a web console. You control who can upload or download apps from the Application Center catalog by configuring access control lists.

IBM Worklight Application Center

Application Center users can download a special installer application—the mobile client—to a mobile device and then use the mobile client to browse the Application Center catalog and install apps from it. They can also rate apps that they’ve installed and leave feedback for the developers.

PaymentTracker for iOS

I just finished working on an IBM Redpaper with Jason Maddocks (@madjase) on the Application Center. In it, we tell you everything you need to know to install, configure and use this component of IBM Worklight. It’s now available as a draft here: Enabling Mobile Apps with IBM Worklight Application Center.

I’d love to talk more about app sharing through the IBM Worklight Application Center. Connect with me on Twitter @mirv_pgh.

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September 10, 2013
8:27 am

Its great platform to share application within particular organization. Thanks for share this such a great post.

Posted by: rice viola
June 26, 2013
3:51 am

Worklight Program Center is one part of that system. It’s an business app store, offering a main database of mobile phone applications for use within your business.

Posted by: Jesse Mcknight
April 22, 2013
8:56 am

Thanks for this posting, Megan. I agree that Worklight Application Center is a key component of a mobile app lifecycle management strategy, and one of the reasons for adopting an app platform instead of “just” building apps. Thanks for going deep on the topic for us!

Posted by: Ed Brill
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October 8, 2013
3:55 pm

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Posted by: Just published! IBM Worklight Application Center - an IBM Redpaper : Martin Keen
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